ENEX Group Tax Policy

19th Mar, 2019
ITOCHU ENEX Corporation

ENEX Corporation and the ENEX group companies (collectively, “the ENEX Group”) have established a Basic Policy: To comply with all applicable tax laws, rules, regulations, and tax treaties (collectively, “Tax Rules”) of each country and region where the ENEX Group conducts business.

The ENEX Group is committed to respecting the interests of all stakeholders, including all of the countries and regions where the ENEX Group conducts business, as well as the ENEX Group’s shareholders, creditors, business partners, and employees.

1. Basic Policy - Compliance with Tax Rules

The ENEX Group is committed to managing its business operations in full compliance with all applicable Tax Rules and not engaging in transactions that are intended to evade or avoid taxes.

2. Tax Cost Management

In accordance with the Basic Policy, the ENEX Group strives to achieve effective tax cost management by eliminating double taxation and utilizing the favorable Tax Rules of each country or region.

3. Maintaining Relationships of Mutual Trust with Tax Authorities

The ENEX Group strives to maintain a relationship of mutual trust with all tax authorities by engaging in constructive discussions and preparing documents in an accurate, timely and appropriate manner to ensure overall transparency of the ENEX Group’s tax matters.