Safety Initiatives

Itochu Enex strives to keep its customers safe and protect local environments through a rigorous safety regime and education program, with the ultimate goal of ensuring that people can use the energy essential for daily life safely and with peace of mind.

Safety Management Regime

Itochu Enex appoints a chief safety and security officer at each business division and Group company. The chief safety officers perform duties including formulating basic safety management policies and ensuring their strict application at work sites, monitoring the state of safety management, preventing accidents, and conducting independent safety audits. Each business division and Group company rigorously practices safety management with an ethos of self-reliance and self-safety.

Safety Initiatives in All Enex Group Companies

The Itochu Enex Group handles a great number of products that are closely connected with customers‘ lives, including gasoline, LP gas and asphalt. The Group works to ensure the safety of customers and regional environments with a variety of thoroughgoing safety initiatives, from everyday facilities management to detailed safety guidance.

Safety Education

The group provides safety education to all employees to ensure that they acquire the basic knowledge and practical skills required for effective accident prevention and safety management.

Safety Personnel Training

We provide safety training for chief safety and security officers at Group companies and other safety personnel to ensure consistent understanding of safety matters and promote information sharing, which enhances the safety performance of the entire Itochu Enex Group.

Fire Fighting Drills

We coordinate with local communities and government bodies and organizations involved with public facilities to ensure that we are fully prepared for accidents and disasters. These efforts include conducting drills at the Itochu Enex Group's petroleum product and LP gas storage facilities to prepare against leakage or fire.

We also work to ensure safety at Itochu Enex Group business sites nationwide by conducting annual disaster drills and fire fighting drills.

Proper Disposal of Industrial Waste

We properly dispose of waste in accordance with legally prescribed industrial waste consignment standards.

Facilities Inspections

We conduct rigorous safety inspections at Car-Life Stations and auto gas stations on a daily basis, including periodic statutory inspections of underground storage tanks, underground piping, and other facilities and routine inspections of gasoline dispensers (pumps), oil separators, and other equipment.

Soil Contamination Countermeasures

At the facilities held by the Group, such as Car-Life Stations and asphalt terminals, the Group thoroughly implements steady countermeasures against soil contamination. The Group carries out facility inspections and soil contamination investigations in accordance with voluntary standards that go further than its legal obligations and takes advance measures to prevent contamination incidents. In the unlikely event that such an incident occurs, the Group swiftly takes proper measures to handle the soil contamination.


We distribute safety manuals and other safety directions to help ensure the safety of petroleum products and equipment at affiliated Car-Life Stations. These materials provide comprehensive safety guidance and instructions on topics including the main duties of hazardous materials supervisors, periodic facilities and equipment inspections, fire safety and disaster preparedness education, and the proper disposal of industrial waste.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Poisoning Prevention

In partnership with retailers, we conduct the Campaign to Eliminate CO Poisoning, an activity to ensure the safety of Itochu Enex Group customers and other consumers of gas. For individual customers, we dismantle and remove bath heaters and waters heaters not equipped with oxygen depletion safety shut-off systems and install carbon monoxide alarms when equipment cannot be replaced. We also provide services for commercial customers, including the installation of commercial-grade carbon monoxide sensors.

Independent Safety Inspections to Ensure Peace of Mind

n addition to statutory inspections, the Itochu Enex Group provides a comprehensive independent inspection and guidance service to enable customers to use gas appliances safely and with peace of mind.

Self-Safety Manuals

We produce self-safety manuals and DVDs to provide instruction on the performance of statutory inspections and surveys about LP gas with the aim of promoting the acquisition of knowledge about laws and regulations and practical knowhow. We produced a DVD on how to correctly measure gas pressure using an innovative electronic gas-leak detector (Saver Pro). Through these efforts, we constantly strive to build the skills needed to enhance inspection and survey accuracy.

I-Bingo Mobile Security Terminal System

We have introduced i-Bingo mobile terminals to systematize LP gas safety inspection procedures. The i-Bingo terminals combine a light-weight portable car navigation unit with a mobile printer. These efforts are making safety inspections more accurate as well as more efficient.

Safety Calendar

To ensure safety awareness, we publish a calendar filled with information to help consumers use LP gas safely all year round.