Health and Safety in the workplace

Creating a Company Where Employees Can Work With Peace of Mind

Since its founding in 1961, the Itochu Enex Group has always considered its people to be its greatest asset. Human resources are central to our value creation, and are the driving force for sustainable growth and the medium- to long-term enhancement of our corporate value. In order to enable all of our employees to make maximum effective use of their abilities and individuality, and to continue contributing as a partner for life and society, we are working to maintain and improve the health of our employees and their families, and to become a company where employees can work with vitality and peace of mind.

Group Code of Conduct (Relationship with Employees)

We consider the health and safety of all employees with whom we are involved, and duly strive to create a safe and comfortable workplace environment for them.
*Excerpt taken from the Itochu Enex Group Code of Conduct
(All officers and employees check the Group Code of Conduct every year, and make a commitment to all of the Group’s stakeholders.) Full text of the Itochu Enex Group Code of Conduct

Enex Early Bird Working Style Reform Plan

Through the Enex Early Bird working style reform plan, the Itochu Enex Group is promoting employee helath and respecting each employee’s lifestyle by creating an organization in which diverse human resources can utilize their abilities and perform to their potential. Through this scheme, we aim to make Itochu Enex a better company, a rewarding place to work, and a company to be proud of with regard to families and society, for every employee.
1.Encouraged a shift from late-night to morning-based work
2.Meals,etc.with customers or colleagues to end by 10:00p.m.
3.At least 80% of paid vacation days taken
4.At least 80% of employees with a BMI of less than 25
5.At least 80% of employees being nonsmokers
6.Improve quality of communication by two rankings
7.Improve quality of meetings by two rankings
8.Improve quality of documents and materials by two rankings

Specific Initiatives Aimed at Promoting Employee Health

- Organizational Structure-
One of the three core concepts of working style reform under Enex Early Bird, which is declared and promoted by Representative Director President and CEO, is emphasis on health. In driving this initiative, the General Manager of our Human Resources and General Affairs Department is responsible for promoting and improving employee health. Together with other departments, the Human Resources Section, Health Support Office, Social Contribution and General Affairs section of the Human Resources and General Affairs Department plan and implement initiatives to instill the idea of promoting employee health within the company.
We have also established a Health Committee meetings (chaired by the General Manger of the Human Resources and General Affairs Department) which promotes Health and Productivity Management, and widely publicizes and communicates information regarding initiatives for improving health and safety in the workplace. The committee also creates PDCA cycles for Health and Productivity Management, with each committee member implementing initiatives for improving health-related capabilities, beyond the committee’s conventional boundaries.
In each area, branch managers act as Health Promotion Managers, and implement various initiatives for promoting Health and Productivity Management and improving health and safety in the workplace. The Health Committee also holds general meetings around twice a year for all committee members and Health Promotion Managers. These meetings are used to conduct Health and Productivity Management strategy reviews, leading to further improvements in health-related capabilities.

Strategies to Improve Health Literacy
Health seminar

・Conducting training programs on Health and Productivity Management at training sessions for management personnel
・Organizing lectures given by industrial doctors
・Holding health seminars for employees
*FY2017 seminar theme: General Health (BMI, stress, quitting smoking)
*FY2018 seminar theme: Health and Laughter
*FY2019 seminar theme: Sleep
・Disclosing health check results and analyses, and communicating health-related information via employee portal sites and in-house social media
(Itochu Enex has joined the corporate action to combat cancer initiative, and is communicating information for improving cancer literacy.)
・Covering the cost of correspondence-based educational course fees
(e.g. Mental Health Management proficiency test, dementia care qualifications, coping with stress)

Promoting a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Itochu Enex is working to promote a healthy work-life balance by:
・Introducing an overtime advance declaration scheme, and system for accurately recording working hours (i.e. time of arrival and departure from work)
・Announcing in-house rankings for utilization of paid leave by department, with a goal of ensuring that employees use at least 80% of their paid leave
・Encouraging employees to take consecutive leave (five days) during the summer vacation period
・Introducing schemes to support more flexible working styles, including time-incremented leave, flextime, staggered working hours and reduced working hours
・Enabling employees to work at home, or make use of easy-to-use shared offices
・Offering better welfare and benefit schemes (e.g. subsidizing theme park tickets and accommodation costs for employees and their families when travelling on vacation)

Initiatives to Encourage Active Communication

Itochu Enex encourages active communication by:
・Introducing “free addressing” within each department
(Employees are free to move around to different seats.)
・Establishing an in-house café which can also be used to hold events
(The café is equipped with beverage servers, a library space, and health and fitness equipment. Employees can also purchase lunchtime meals and snacks.)
・Creating events
(The company holds seasonal events, sporting events, and engages in social contribution activities* that lead to health promotion and improvement.)
*The company has a volunteer activities support scheme which also applies to employees’ family members.
・Utilizing in-house social media (e.g. internal portal sites, Yammer, etc.)
・Sponsoring local festivals and sporting events

Mental Health Initiatives

Itochu Enex tackles mental health issues by:
・Conducting stress checks (and considering strategies for reducing the burden placed on highly-stressed individuals as needed)
・Establishing harassment consultation, internal reporting (whistleblowing) and mental health consultation desks
・Conducting employee awareness surveys

Support for Balancing Work with Therapy for Illness

Itochu Enex supports employees undergoing medical treatment/therapy by:
・Coordinating with health management office personnel (public health nurses), industrial doctors, primary care physicians and the Human Resources and General Affairs Department to formulate support plans to match the individual needs of each employee
・Offering comprehensive leave and extended leave schemes
・Offering return-to-work schemes to manage physical health and offer care and consideration for employees who are returning to work after an extended leave of absence

Preventing Lifestyle-Related Illnesses

Itochu Enex is working to prevent lifestyle-related illnesses by:
・Providing subsidies for in-house sports clubs (¥50,000/month)
・Installing blood pressure meters and scales (body mass composition analyzers) in health and fitness corners
・Subsidizing fitness club memberships
・Installing health and fitness equipment in the in-house cafe
・Selling salads and other side dishes, and displaying labels with information regarding calories and sugar content
・Encouraging participation in health and fitness-related events
・Fostering awareness of health and fitness by sponsoring and publicizing sports teams
・Obtaining Sports Yell Company accreditation
・Creating spaces for standing (i.e. non-seated) meetings

Health Issues Specific to Women

Itochu Enex tackles health issues specific to female employees by:
・Conducting training programs on women’s health issues at training sessions for management personnel
・Covering the cost of gynecological examinations
・Establishing a women’s only rest/break room

Preventing Infectious Diseases

Itochu Enex works to prevent infectious diseases by:
・Performing group influenza vaccinations within the company
・Distributing surgical masks
・Encouraging employees to be vaccinated against rubella
・Offering vaccinations for trainees and employees travelling to overseas posts

Initiatives to Help Employees Quit Smoking

Itochu Enex provides support to help employees quit smoking by:
・Covering the cost of outpatient therapy to quit smoking
・Communicating information to enlighten employees about the benefits of quitting smoking (via internal portal sites, etc.)

Initiatives to Combat Cancer

Itochu Enex works to combat cancer by:
・Conducting comprehensive cancer examinations for employees in line with guidelines established by Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW)
・Covering the cost of examination result follow-ups with public health nurses, and secondary follow-up examinations (up to a maximum of ¥20,000 / year)

Health KPIs and Results

Itochu Enex implements the above initiatives, communicates information to make employees more aware of them, and validates their effectiveness, with the aim of improving overall health-related capabilities.

Emergency Lifesaving and Disaster Response

Itochu Enex engages in the following lifesaving and disaster response initiatives:
・Holding ordinary lifesaving training courses
・Displaying emergency first-aid manuals
・Providing lifesaving equipment, disaster readiness supplies/provisions and equipment, and disaster readiness (hazard and evacuation) maps
・Conducting disaster readiness and evacuation drills
・Supporting employees in obtaining disaster readiness qualifications (over 200 employees have already obtained qualifications)
・Conducting regular BCP (Business Continuity Planning) activities
・Establishing disaster-response vendors

Disaster readiness and evacuation drill

External Recognition

Through the Enex Early Bird working style reform plan, the Itochu Enex Group is promoting employee helath and respecting each employee’s lifestyle by creating an organization in which diverse human resources can utilize their abilities and perform to their potential. As a result of these efforts, Itochu Enex has been certifies by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) as one of the Health and Productivity Management Organization 500 every year since 2017. In addition, initiatives such as encouraging employees to leave the office on time and to engage in sports activities by partially subsidizing expenses associated with internal company sports activities have earned Itochu Enex certification from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government as a Sports Promotion Company, and from the Japan Sports Agency as a Sports Yell Company, also since 2017.