Industrial Gas Business

Catering to increasingly sophisticated and diversifying needs

Industrial gases such as oxygen and nitrogen are used in all manner of industrial fields, and contribute to the advancement of industry. We work to provide a stable supply of high quality gases to match the needs of customers, and engage actively in the development of new applications in order to cater to increasingly sophisticated and diversifying needs.

Main Products and Applications

Oxygen O2 Welding and melt cutting of iron, Refining of non-ferrous metals, Oxidation of other chemicals, Bleaching of paper pulp, Sewage treatment
Nitrogen N2 Atmospheric gas for semiconductor manufacturing, Glass manufacturing, Pressure holding source for cans, Preventing oxidation of food products, Refrigerated storage of food products
Argon Ar Metal refining, Welding, Metal shaping, Carrier gas for use in analyzers, Filling for light bulbs and discharge tubes
Carbon dioxide CO2 Welding, Casting, Soft drinks, Fire extinguishers, Rapid freezing of food products, Refrigerated transportation of food products, Artificial carbonated springs
Hydrogen H2 Semiconductor manufacturing, Additive for oils, Manufacture of artificial sweeteners, Metal processing and metallurgy, Fuel cells
Acetylene C2H2 Welding, pressure welding and cutting of metals, Scarfing
Ammonia NH3 Atmospheric gas for heat treatments, Manufacture of medical supplies, Rubber hardening agent, Exhaust gas denitrification (NOX removal)
Helium He Welding, Hot air balloons and balloon filling, Cooling of superconducting electromagnets, Analytical equipment
Liquid petroleum gas (LPG) LPG Fuels for residential and industrial use, Welding and melt cutting, Bright heat treatment, Aerosol sprays
Dry ice CO2 Storage of frozen food products, Packing material for refrigerated transportation, Heat treatment of metals
Argon + carbon dioxide (mixed gas) Ar+CO2 MAG welding
Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) N2O Semiconductor manufacturing, Combustion aid
Sulfur dioxide SO2 Bleaching agents, Agricultural fumigating agents
Isobutane C4H10 Plastic foams, Aerosol sprays
Freons (flurocarbons) Cooling
Supply Service

Related Equipment

ITOCHU Industrial Gas Co., Ltd. also sells various industrial gas-related equipment.