Social Contribution Activities

Under the corporate philosophy “The best partner for life and society – with Energy, with the Car, with the Home –,” the Itochu Enex Group endeavors to contribute to the realization of affluent local communities and quality life for people living there, as well as to the sustainable development of society by implementing business activities to achieve the creation of diverse values and activities to contribute to society.

Basic policies for the Itochu Enex Group’s social contribution activities.

As “The best partner for life and society” Develop an environment, develop human resources and develop communities to be passed on to the future

  • Based on the corporate philosophy “The best partner for life and society,” we contribute to the society in business activities and as a good corporate citizen.
  • Under the theme of developing an environment, developing human resources and developing communities to foster the next generation, we carry out activities to pass down a sustainable society to the future.
  • We support social contribution activities conducted by employees as a citizen.
  • We proactively disclose details and results of our social contribution activities and share them with the society.

Developing healthy forests

In response to a call of the Tokyo Development Foundation for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, we have participated, since 2010, in the “Coexistence and Cooperation Forest Development Project” in which cedar, cypress and broad-leaved trees are planted in the Nariki district, Oume City, Tokyo, which is located in the western area of Tokyo, with the aim of developing a forest where forestry development and biodiversity conservation coexis.

Project to protect Japanese squirrels

The population of Japanese squirrels (Sciurus lis) has decreased in recent years due to changes in the habitat environment. Due to unceasing roadkill of road-crossing squirrels, we have co-sponsored a project to build a bridge for squirrels and support an activity aiming at coexistence between people and creatures living in the forests and undeveloped woodland (Tokamachi City, Niigata).

Dietary Education for Children Through the The Itadakimasu Support Manifesto for Kids

In an activity begun in fiscal 2010, Itochu Enex Group employees visit kindergartens, nursery schools, and childcare centers in communities all across Japan to conduct the Itadakimasu Support Manifesto for Kids, a dietary education program to teach children the meaning of mealtime expressions of thanksgiving, convey the importance of food and diet, and foster a sense of gratitude for daily meals.

Fire Education Activity for Children Through the The Honoo no Chikara Support Manifesto for Kids

In addition to the Itochu Enex Group’s dietary education program, since fiscal 2013 the Group has conducted the Honoo no Chikara Support Manifesto for Kids, a fire education activity with the theme of teaching children about the danger and importance of fire.

Ultimate Frisbee course

In cooperation with the Japan Flying Disc Association, we invited members of the Japanese national team to hold courses at schools. These activities not only serve to teach rules and techniques, but aids in activating the spirit of self-control and ethics for children. (Held five times during FY2017)

*Ultimate Frisbee is a competitive team sport featuring flying discs.

Word and voice activities

“Enjoy the Power of Words,” an oral recital event that seeks to maintain remembrance of earthquake disasters, was held throughout Japan. Former television announcers Motoyo Yamane and Masako Shindo were the reciters. In the “Power of Voice” lecture series, we provide support to activities that promote personal growth with voices and words from various genres.

Recovery support

Support for areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake

Donations collected from employees (27,288,000 yen in total since 2011) have been sent to bodies such as the Iwate no Manabi Kibo Kikin scholarship fund, Miyagi Kodomo Ikuei scholarship fund for child victims of Eastern Japan, and Fukushima Kodomo Kifukin donations to child victims of Eastern Japan, serving useful purposes in recovery support.

Support for heavy rain event in Western Japan

In 2018, a donation from the Company of 5 million yen was donated to the nonprofit corporation, Japan Platform, 30,000 yen from Itochu Enex HomeLife Nishi-Nihon Co., Ltd. was donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society, and 687,000 yen from employees was donated to Japan Platform. Enex Petroleum Sales Nishi-Nihon Co., Ltd. provided temporary storage locations for relief supplies.

Support for people with disabilities

Self-reliance and promoting art

Aside from sponsoring the Artbility project which is operated by Tokyo Colony, the social welfare corporation, we issue an original calendar annually featuring artwork registered by Artbility in the calendar’s design and wrapping to support self-reliance of people with disabilities.

Sports activities

We support the activities of the nonprofit Yumeken, an organization that engages in sports, health activities, and interaction with people with disabilities.