Directors and Officers

As of December 01.2021

Representative Director

Director and Senior Managing Officer

Director and Managing Officer

Director (outside)


Standing Audit & Supervisory Board Member (outside)

Audit & Supervisory Board Member(outside)

Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Managing Officer

Chief Operating Officer, Carbon Neutral Strategy Division Toshihisa Fuse
Executive Advisory Officer for Home Life Division Tsukasa Nakamura

Executive Officer

Chief Operating Officer, Home-Life Division Tatsuro Utsumi
President, and Chief Executive Officer, Tokyo Toshi Service Co., Ltd. Takeo Fukushima
Vice President, and Chief Executive Officer, ENEARC Co.,Ltd. Shigeru Kondo
Chief Operating Officer, Car-Life Division Tsukasa Motegi
Chief Operating Officer, Industrial Business Division Hirofumi Chimura
Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Corporate Administration Division and Chief Operating Officer, Legal & Credit Control Department Minoru Kubota
President, and Chief Executive Officer, ITOCHU ENEX HOME-LIFE HOKKAIDO CO., LTD. Kimiaki Yonezawa
Chief Operating Officer, Power & Utility Division, and Manager, Retail Business Office Fumiya Tanaka
Assistant to Chief Financial Officer, and General Manager, Finance & General Accounting Department Shinichiro Inoue