Message from the President

Evolving from Moving to SHIFT! We will go faster.

We celebrated our 60th anniversary in January 2021. We owe this to your warm support, for which I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude.

At the Itochu Enex Group, we have been supporting regional infrastructures with petroleum, gas, electricity, and other energy sources as an energy business operator by working together with our dealers all over Japan. On the other hand, while the energy industry has been constantly exposed to waves of major changes, our Group has achieved a profit increase in the last six consecutive fiscal years.

The theme for our medium-term business plan that started in 2014 was Moving, under which we advanced initiatives including the development of new markets and fundamentally revising our old approaches. Having started with reforms of internal organizations and systems, we steadily implemented measures including enhancing our core businesses (petroleum and gas), pursuing the further development of the electricity business, and entering overseas markets. As a result, we achieved significant growth in our businesses.

However, we are facing yet another big wave approaching us — that is, the wave of decarbonization and carbon neutrality. I think that, to respond to this change, we need to SHIFT, or shift up a gear to go even faster, while continuing to take our existing initiatives for Moving.
In April 2021, our Group announced our new medium-term business plan, SHIFT! 2022.We will move faster to respond to the accelerating environmental changes, including the rapidly growing trend toward a decarbonized society and the global spread of COVID-19.Themes of the new medium-term business plan are Bases, Environment & Energy, and Human Resources.We will continue to reinforce our nationwide sales networks (bases), which we have cultivated over a period of 60 years. At the same time, we will enhance electricity and decarbonized/low-carbon energy and services, aiming to achieve business growth and help build a sustainable society.
We will also focus our efforts on developing our Group's human resources, who will work on the frontlines to achieve the above goals, and apply diversity management and a cross-functional organizational structure, thus aiming to create innovations.
Evolving from Moving to SHIFT!
This is what we will do to help build a better future as the best partner for life and society.
I ask for the continuing guidance and support of our stakeholders and welcome their high expectations.
Kenji Okada
Representative Director
President and Chief Executive Officer
June 2021