Message from the President and CEO

Create Driving Force of Life

I am Tomofumi Yoshida, the President and Chief Executive Officer of ITOCHU ENEX CO., LTD.
Our group has drawn up a medium- to long-term roadmap in the eight-year medium-term business plan "ENEX2030: To create driving force of life," which started in fiscal year 2023, and has set a goal of net income of 20 billion yen or more in fiscal year 2030. During the two-year period ENEX2030 '23-'24, we are working on the following objectives: 1. Developing on-site capabilities, 2. Developing a framework for making investments, and 3. Strengthening the organization and human resources.

In the first year (FY2023), we have pushed forward with each theme, including going ahead with delegation of authority to speed up onsite decision-making, establishing the Investment Strategy Department as a professional organizational unit for making investments, and developing human resources who can realize growth strategies.

In addition, with a view to future growth, we have decided to implement multiple investment projects, particularly the major project of revitalizing Big Motor Co., Ltd. (currently WECARS Co. Ltd.). We will continue to strengthen our three themes and make further new and strategic investments.

Our group is determined to work together as one to realize the vision of ENEX2030 while leveraging our group's strength of “on-site capabilities.''

May, 2024
Tomofumi Yoshida
Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer

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