Sustainability at the Enex Group

Message from the President and CEO

A stable supply of energy and the development of business to provide solutions

A stable supply of energy and the development of business to provide solutions
I am Tomofumi Yoshida. I became President and Chief Executive Officer in April 2023.
For more than 60 years, the Itochu Enex Group has continually provided energy, infrastructure and services that are necessary for life as the best partner for life and society.

We will continue to fulfill our mission and expand our operations and services to contribute to solving social issues, enhancing people's lives and establishing a sustainable society.
The environment surrounding us is at a turning point where events that are difficult to predict are occurring, including the rising resource prices, energy shortages, and the changes to environmentally friendly products.

No matter what environment we are in, the Group's role is to respond to the requests of its stakeholders promptly through the stable supply of energy and the development of business according to the needs of society.
We will focus particularly on selling products, services and solutions that contribute to decarbonization.

At the same time, we will accelerate initiatives to enable each employee to display their capabilities.
We will expand systems to enable our diverse workforce, which includes many women, to actively participate and promote human capital initiatives to increase productivity and enhance corporate value.

April, 2023
Tomofumi Yoshida
Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer

Sustainability Policy

The ITOCHU ENEX Group has a mission of delivering energy and services as a "The Best Partner for Life and Society" and will aim to improve our corporate value while contributing to the development of a rich life for people and a sustainable society.

・Contributing to a carbon neutral society through our business
・Contributing to rich communities through a stable energy supply
・Establishing a governance system stakeholders can rely on

Sustainability Promotion System

Our group contributes to the resolution of environmental and social issues such as climate change through our business, and strives to continue to achieve both sustainability of the earth and society-wide sustainability and our sustainable growth. Sustainability issues are discussed in the “Sustainability Committee” that is an advisory body to the Management Advisory Committee that implements and drives the sustainability management strategy of the entire Group, which deliberates and monitors from a long-term perspective. We have established a system for reporting to the Board of Directors or approval by the Board of Directors.

<Sustainability Committee in FY 2021>
・Number of meetings :7
・Main topics deliberated
: Sustainability Policy, key issues : Consideration of GHG emissions reduction targets
: Action plan for key issues
: Disclosure in line with TCFD recommendations
: ESG due diligence checks
: Study meeting regarding sustainability etc.

<Sustainability Committee in FY 2022>
・Number of meetings :7
・Main topics deliberated
: Quantitative data monitoring of Scope1 and 2
: Investigation of measures and roadmap for GHG emission reduction targets for fiscal 2030
: Responding to disclosures in securities reports
: Related to TCFD recommendations
: Study meeting regarding sustainability etc.

Sustainability issues (Materiality)

Based on the Sustainability Policy, we have identified sustainability issues (Materiality). Through the activities for addressing those issues, we will contribute to development of a sustainable society and work for further improvement of our corporate value. In addition, for our activities related to the important issues, the Sustainability Committee will manage their progresses.

Through our business, our Group will solve sustainability issues and contribute to achieving the SDGs (the UN's sustainable development goals).

Process for Determining Materialities