Environmental Policy

Itochu Enex acquired certification under the ISO 14001 international standard for environmental management systems in 2000. Group companies have independently registered for certification and the Group has engaged in environmental improvement activities since 2002. We are centralizing environmental improvement activities and strengthening environmental management in order to practice environmental management on a groupwide basis.

1. Contribution to Realization of a Low-Carbon Society

  1. Promotion of the advanced use of fossil fuels
  2. Expansion of the energy solutions business
  3. Implementation of environmental and social contribution activities

2. Reduction of the Environmental Impact of Our Business Activities

  1. Routine energy and resource conservation in office work
  2. Energy efficiency in facilities use
  3. CO2 reduction at the transportation stage

3. Preservation of Local Environments

  1. Compliance with laws and regulations, environmental protocols, and independent standards
  2. Enhancement and upgrading of safety

Environmental Policy PDF

Environmental Policy (417KB)

Itochu Enex's Environmental Policy is available in PDF format.

Environmental Policy (417KB)