Sustainability at the Enex Group

Message from the President

Under a mission to deliver energy and services to society, we help solve issues and build a sustainable society through businesses.

At the Itochu Enex Group, we have been delivering energy and services to people stably for more than 50 years under our Corporate Philosophy, "The Best Partner for Life and Society - with Energy, with the Car, with the Home -." We also got involved early in environmental business and next-generation energy in response to the rapid move toward carbon-free society.

Under SHIFT! 2022, the medium-term business plan that started in FY2021, we have been making Group-wide efforts under the basic policy of "maintaining and expanding bases," "deepening the environment & energy business," and "cultivating next-generation human resources." We will strive to achieve business growth and help build a carbon-free society by enhancing low-carbon and decarbonized products and making use of renewable energy, such as solar power, wind power, and hydraulic power, and next-generation energy including hydrogen fuel and ammonia fuel to expand and reinforce our domestic and overseas customer bases and supply chains that we have developed so far.
Concerning human resources who support these efforts, we will attach importance to diversity, integrate diverse values, and lead them to the creation of innovations.

We will continue to work for the good of society and customers by always forecasting what needs will be generated in society while operating businesses and take on challenges to build a sustainable society through businesses, in our efforts to improve our corporate value further.

November 2021
Kenji Okada
Representative Director President and Chief Executive Officer

Sustainability Policy

The ITOCHU ENEX Group has a mission of delivering energy and services as a "The Best Partner for Life and Society" and will aim to improve our corporate value while contributing to the development of a rich life for people and a sustainable society.

・Contributing to a carbon neutral society through our business
・Contributing to rich communities through a stable energy supply
・Establishing a governance system stakeholders can rely on

Sustainability Promotion System

In April 2021, we established the Sustainability Office and Carbon Neutral Strategy Division to promote sustainability initiatives further, with an aim to have our businesses contribute to resolving environmental and social issues, including climate change, as we continue to pursue both global and social sustainability and our own sustainable growth.
We also established the Sustainability Committee on May 1, 2021, as an advisory body to the Management Advisory Conference to deliberate and monitor sustainability issues from a long-term perspective, and to implement and drive Group-wide sustainability management strategies.

The Sustainability Committee's Record in FY2021
・Meetings held: 7
・Main topics deliberated: Sustainability Policy, key issues
: Consideration of GHG emissions reduction targets
: Action plan for key issues
: Disclosure in line with TCFD Recommendations
: ESG due diligence check
: Study meetings regarding sustainability, among other issues

Chaired by Kyosuke Wakamatsu, Executive Director, the Sustainability Committee meets six times a year in principle. The committee discusses Group-wide sustainability policies and measures, with the participation of General Managers in each business division, as well as General Managers in the Corporate Administration Division.
The results of these discussions are reviewed and decided on by the Management Advisory Conference and the Board of Directors.

Sustainability issues (Materiality)

Based on the Sustainability Policy, we have identified sustainability issues (Materiality). Through the activities for addressing those issues, we will contribute to development of a sustainable society and work for further improvement of our corporate value. In addition, for our activities related to the important issues, the Sustainability Committee will manage their progresses.

Through our business, our Group will solve sustainability issues and contribute to achieving the SDGs (the UN's sustainable development goals).

Process for Determining Materialities