Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

The Best Partner for Life and Society - with Energy, with the Car, with the Home -

Field of Business

Energy for all applications, whether as a key component of social infrastructure or as a means of enriching people's lives

Code of Conduct

Be Ethical (Reliability and sincerity, creativity and ingenuity, transparency and integrity)

Declaration of the Group Code of Conduct

Relationship with customers

We are committed to maintaining the quality of products handled by the Itochu Enex Group and ensuring their safe and stable supply, while endeavoring to prevent accidents and disasters from occurring. We also strive to create an environment that makes it possible for our customers to make their own rational decisions with respect to selecting better products and services, and accordingly we do not mislabel products nor do we offer excessively high premiums. Furthermore, we appropriately manage personal information provided to us by our customers, and strive to conduct business for the purpose of providing products and services that will consistently satisfy our customers.

Relationship with business partners

We appropriately manage all forms of business partner information retained by the Company, adequately protect such confidential information, while conducting commercial activities under principles of fair and free competition, and maintaining sound, reasonable and transparent relations with the political world and administrative bodies.

Relationship with suppliers

We afford our suppliers fair treatment and select them on the basis of objective criteria. We strictly observe laws and regulations, and our internal rules regarding business transactions, and never participate in bid-rigging, cartels or any suspicious misconduct that might provide an unfair impression.

Relationship with employees

We consider the health and safety of all employees with whom we are involved, and duly strive to create a safe and comfortable workplace environment for them. Accordingly, we comply with relevant laws and regulations, prohibit all sorts of harassment including sexual and power harassment. Moreover, we respect human rights of individuals, never discriminate by reason of gender, ethnicity, origin, religion, personal values or otherwise, nor do we infringe on the privacy of individuals. We immediately inform our dedicated consulting staff, and attempt to resolve issues, in the event that a situation should emerge whereby an individual himself or herself, or an officer or an employee commits a violation against the Declaration of the Group Code of Conduct, or otherwise in the event that a situation should arise where there has been an act in violation of relevant laws and regulations, internal rules or other rules that the individual cannot identify.

Relationship with corporate properties

We use corporate assets and properties in an effective and efficient manner, comply with laws and regulations and internal rules, and perform proper and transparent accounting procedures. Moreover, we rigorously manage the Company’s important confidential information in order so that it is not divulged to parties outside the Company.

Relationship with local communities

We help support and develop local communities through extensive communications and revitalization efforts involving such communities. Moreover, we maintain sound and appropriate relations with public servants and administrative bodies and never engage in illegal acts such as those that involve committing bribery or providing business entertainment or gifts.

Environmental activities

We take the global environment into account in the course of performing the Company’s ongoing business activities. We also comply with environment-related laws and ISO standards and have established an internal system of environmental management. In addition, we endeavor to address environmental preservation and actively engage in environment-friendly businesses.

Relationship with shareholders and investors

We strive to improve our corporate performance and stably distribute profits to our shareholders. We clearly communicate with our shareholders and investors by disclosing adequate information in a timely manner, and endeavor to enhance shareholder returns by conducting active investor and public relations activities.

Moderation in corporate behavior

We observe public rules and internal regulations, and take action within the scope of common sense and social norms. In addition, we never engage in insider trading or act in a manner that would raise such suspicions. We also comply with the Political Funds Control Act and the Public Office Election Act, handle political matters appropriately as a good corporate citizen, and refrain from any and all relationships with antisocial forces in any capacity whatsoever. And, in compliance with the drinking alcohol rules in our company, we take care to drink moderately, always care about health management and carry out operations with good physical condition.