Corporate Governance

In accordance with the Employee Code of Conduct and the Declaration of the Group Code of Conduct,the Company will always concentrate on persistently pursuing compliance as people in the business world, focus on shareholder returns, and ensure managerial transparency. In terms of corporate management, it will place emphasis on positive action towards information disclosure with a view to securing managerial transparency, and will endeavor to make swift and accurate disclosures.

Risk Management

The Company aims to create the best possible systems to achieve business continuity by promptly and correctly dealing with all events and risks that may impede the operation of the Company, so as not to damage public confi dence in, or the corporate value of, the Company.


Under the Corporate Philosophy, “The best partner for life and society,” the Company is striving to raise awareness of and promote social responsibility Group-wide by ensuring that all managers and employees correctly understand and thoroughly comply with the Code of Conduct and the Declaration of the Group Code of Conduct, which have been refi ned over many years.

Safety Initiatives

The Company strives to keep its customers safe and protect local environments through a rigorous safety regime and education program, with the ultimate goal of ensuring that people can use the energy essential for daily life safely and with peace of mind.