Basic Policy

The Enex Group engages in diverse business activities with a focus on the energy field. Its major stakeholders are its customers (consumers), business partners, suppliers, local communities, shareholders, investors, employees, and the environment.
To meet the expectations of these stakeholders and enrich society and life, the Group has built a compliance promotion structure by defining its basic stances, its view on ethics, and its values in the Code of Conduct and the Declaration of the Group Code of Conduct, which were developed over the many years of its corporate activities, and built upon the Group's Corporate Philosophy, "The best partner for life and society." The Group has been striving to ensure and improve compliance through thorough initiatives and the understanding of all managers and every employee.

Compliance Structure

The Company has taken steps to enhance its compliance structure. Those steps include the appointment of a Chief Compliance Officer (CCO), the establishment of a department overseeing compliance-related matters, the development of a compliance program, the appointment of compliance manager and personnel in each department and Group company, the provision of compliance training, the creation of a legal and regulatory compliance manual and the development of methods for handling compliance incidents and a whistleblowing system. In addition, all Directors, Executive Officers and employees are required to submit a written statement of intention to comply with the Code of Conduct.

Compliance Training and Communication

The Company provides regular training to maintain its compliance promotion structure and keep its employees informed of it. The Company formulates and implements plans top provide training sessions to increase the Enex Group's awareness of compliance and to comply with the rules that are a necessary part of its businesses (including laws, regulations, and internal rules) in its efforts to prevent compliance incidents.

Group Awareness Survey

Scandals such as accounting fraud, embezzlement, harassment, and labor issues occur at many companies, organizations and groups. In response, the Enex Group conducts a compliance awareness survey of officers and employees of Group companies to find facts about compliance awareness and penetration of the Corporate Philosophy in the Group and prevent the occurrence of misconducts and compliance incidents in the Group.
Based on results of this survey, the Group provides compliance training and takes other new measures.

Whistleblowing and Consulting Contact Points

The Group has established internal and external whistleblowing contact points to enable the prompt reporting of violations of laws, regulations or internal rules and inappropriate behaviors that have occurred or could occur.
The Group informs employees of the system of whistleblowing contact points and the protection given to whistleblowers via internal compliance training. Thus, a system is in place for responding appropriately to whistleblowing while maintaining transparency.
Additionally, the Group has made available an external consulting contact point for any employee or family member associated with the Group.
This consulting contact point also provides consultations concerning harassment, mental health, physical health and livelihood.
A system for providing care for mental health problems and consultation on other issues is maintained, with services provided by specialists such as clinical psychologists, health nurses, and consumer affairs advisors.
The Group ensures the effectiveness of the whistleblowing system through regulations that clearly define the responsibilities of various parties that handle reports. These regulations prohibit termination of employment and other unfavorable treatments as a consequence of whistleblowing and mandate confidentiality of information related to whistleblowing.

ENEX Group Tax Policy(19th Mar, 2019)

ITOCHU ENEX Corporation and the ENEX group companies (collectively, “the ENEX Group”) have established a Basic Policy: To comply with all applicable tax laws, rules, regulations, and tax treaties (collectively, “Tax Rules”) of each country and region where the ENEX Group conducts business.
The ENEX Group is committed to respecting the interests of all stakeholders, including all of the countries and regions where the ENEX Group conducts business, as well as the ENEX Group’s shareholders, creditors, business partners, and employees.

Basic Policy - Compliance with Tax Rules

The ENEX Group is committed to managing its business operations in full compliance with all applicable Tax Rules and not engaging in transactions that are intended to evade or avoid taxes.

Tax Cost Management

In accordance with the Basic Policy, the ENEX Group strives to achieve effective tax cost management by eliminating double taxation and utilizing the favorable Tax Rules of each country or region.

Maintaining Relationships of Mutual Trust with Tax Authorities

The ENEX Group strives to maintain a relationship of mutual trust with all tax authorities by engaging in constructive discussions and preparing documents in an accurate, timely and appropriate manner to ensure overall transparency of the ENEX Group’s tax matters.