Corporate History Corporate History

Corporate History

Jan. 1961 The Company is founded with capital of ¥60 million when Itochu Sekiyu K.K., a subsidiary of ITOCHU Corporation, is split up (Itochu Sekiyu K.K. was originally founded in January 1949 as Nishinihon Beiyu K.K. and changed its name in April 1951). Its purpose is to distribute petroleum products produced at a refinery newly built at Mizushima by Nippon Mining Co., Ltd. which has a longstanding business relationship with ITOCHU Corporation. (This marks ITOCHU's entry into the petroleum sector.)

May. 1965 The Company acquires stock in Oita Kyuseki Hanbai Co., Ltd. (currently, a consolidated subsidiary, KYUSHU ENERGY CO., LTD.).
Mar. 1970 The Company acquires stock in Unoshima Sansuiso K.K. and advances into the high-pressure gas business.

Apr. 1971 The capital is increased from ¥600 million to ¥1 billion.
Apr. 1977 The Company merges with Itochu Fuel Corporation headquartered at 2-36 Tsurigane-cho, Higashi-ku, Osaka to change the par value of its stock.
Feb. 1978 The Company is listed on the 2nd section of the Osaka Securities Exchange and the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Sep. 1979 The Company is promoted to the 1st section of the Osaka Securities Exchange and the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Jun. 1983 The Company moves its head office from Osaka to Tokyo.
Mar. 1995 The Company establishes Kyushu Chunen Co., Ltd. (currently, a consolidated subsidiary, ENEX FLEET CO., LTD.)
Feb. 1996 The head office is relocated to 24-12 Meguro 1-chome, Meguro-ku, Tokyo.

Oct. 1997 The Company acquires stock in Tokai Corporation, which is in the process of being reorganized.
Dec. 1997 The Company acquires stock in Seibu Petroleum Corporation.
Apr. 1998 The Company's CicoMart arm is spun off to form CicoMart Co., Ltd.
Oct. 2000 Tokai Corporation's bankruptcy reorganization proceedings are declared complete by the overseeing court.
Mar. 2001 The Company takes over gas supply service in Nakatsu-shi, Oita, with the goal of breaking into the city gas market.
Jul. 2001 The Company changes its name from Itochu Fuel Corporation to ITOCHU ENEX CO., LTD. Its 18 consolidated subsidiaries are renamed at the same time.

Nov. 2001 The Company sells off its stock in CicoMart Co., Ltd.
Feb. 2002 The Company acquires additional stock in Sinanen Co., Ltd. and becomes its largest shareholder.
Apr. 2004 The Company scraps its existing branch-office system in favor of a system of organization around business divisions.
May 2005 Takigawa Enex Co., Ltd. (currently, ITOCHU ENEX Home-Life Nishi-Nihon Co., Ltd.) commences operation upon taking over business operations from Takigawa Industries Co., Ltd.
Sep. 2005 The Company sells off its stock in Tokai Corporation.
Oct. 2005 Kokura Enterprise Energy Co., Ltd. takes over the business of Kokura Enterprise Co., Ltd. and commences operations.
Oct. 2005 ITOCHU ENEX Group adopts a single unified logo, the ENEX mark.

Apr. 2007 ECORE Co., Ltd., the largest LP gas sales company in the Kyushu area, is founded by the consolidation of ITOCHU ENEX Home-Life Kyushu (the Company's wholly owned subsidiary) and Idex Gas K.K. (wholly owned subsidiary of Shin-Idemitsu Co., Ltd.), and commences operation (ownership stakes: the Company 51%, Shin-Idemitsu 49%)
Sep. 2008 ITOCHU ENEX Co., Ltd. acquires Kohnan Corporation's oil sales business and stock in Kohnan Fleet Corporation, and begins operating the acquired business.
Sep. 2008 The head office is relocated to 4-1 Shibaura 3-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo.


Oct. 2008 The petroleum product trading business run by Itochu Corporation and the petroleum product logistics business run by Itochu Petroleum Japan Ltd. are split off and acquired by Itochu Enex Co., Ltd., which puts the acquired businesses into operation as its Energy Trade Division.
Apr. 2009 The Company transfers the LPG lorry wholesales business to JAPAN GAS ENERGY CORPORATION.
The Company acquires the shares of JAPAN GAS ENERGY CORPORATION.
Jul. 2010 The Company submits a notice of commencement of a power producer and supplier (PPS) business
Oct. 2010 The Company launches an electric power retail business.
Jan. 2011 The Company celebrates the 50th anniversary of its founding.
Mar. 2011 The Company acquires the shares of JEN Holdings Co., Ltd. to break into the electricity and steam supply business for factories.
Apr. 2011 Kohnan Fleet Co., Ltd. changes its name to ENEX FLEET Co., Ltd.
Jan. 2012 The Company takes an equity stake in IP&E Palau Inc. and begins participation in the import and wholesale sale of petroleum products in the Republic of Palau.
May. 2012 The Company acquires the shares of Tokyo Toshi Service Company (currently, a consolidated subsidiary) to break into the heat supply business.

Oct. 2012 JEN Holdings, Co., Ltd (currently, a consolidated subsidiary) acquires all shares of CEF Konbumori Wind Farm Co., Ltd., thereby expanding its wind power generation business.
Apr. 2013 Power & Utility Division is set up
May. 2013 The Company and Itochu Corporation jointly invest in a next-generation biodiesel production business in the United States.
Jul. 2013 The Company transfers operation of its city gas and LP gas business in Nakatsu City, Oita Prefecture, to ECORE Co., Ltd.
Sep. 2013 The Company closes its central training facility (from January 2014, the training function is reestablished at the Company's new head office under the name “ENEX Academy”).
Dec. 2013 JEN Holdings, Co., Ltd. (currently consolidated subsidiary) acquires all shares of Tainai Wind Farm Co., Ltd., and further expands its wind power generation business.
Jan. 2014 The head office is relocated to 2-10-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
May. 2014 The Company acquires stock in Osaka Car Life Group Co., Ltd. (currently, a consolidated subsidiary).

Feb. 2015 The Company and Oji Green Resources Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Oji Holdings Corporation, form a joint venture for power retailing, OJI-ITOCHU ENEX POWER RETAILING CO., LTD. ("OJEX")
Mar. 2015 The Company acquires the shares of NISSHO PETROLEUM GAS CORPORATION.
Oct. 2015 The Company and ITOCHU INDUSTRIAL GAS CO.,LTD. establish PT.ITC ENEX INDONESIA to tackle the industrial gas business in INDONESIA.
Apr. 2016 The Company breaks into the electric power retail business for households (the brand name is e-koto denki!).

Apr. 2016 The Company invests and participates in LP gas sales business in the Philippines.

Oct. 2017 The Company establishes ENEARC Co., Ltd.
May. 2018 ENEX FLEET starts cooperation in Japan's first large-scale LNG truck business running test.
Aug. 2018 ENEARC Kanto Co., Ltd. starts of city gas supply through partnership with CD Energy Direct Co., Ltd.
Feb. 2019 Enex Infrasructure Investment Corporation becomes listed in the Tokyo stock Exchange.
Feb. 2019 The head office is relocated to 3-2-5, Kasumigaseki,Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.

Jun. 2019 The Company starts electric power sales collaboration with the Nissan Osaka Sales Co.,Ltd.
Apr. 2020 The Company establishes ITC ENEX Southeast Asia Co., Ltd. (currently, a consolidated subsidiary)
The Company establishes ITC ENEX (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (currently, a consolidated subsidiary)
Oct. 2020 The Company launches TERASEL, a new brand in the electric power related business

Feb. 2021 ENEX LIFE SERVICE Co., Ltd. and ENEX AUTO Co., Ltd. are integrated.
(currently, a consolidated subsidiary, ENEX LIFE SERVICE Co., Ltd.)
Feb. 2021 The Company starts collaboration with Air Liquide Japan G.K. and ITOCHU Corporation in establishing a hydrogen value chain.
Apr. 2022 ENEX FLEET Co., Ltd., Kokura Enterprise Energy Co., Ltd., and Enex Petroleum Sales Nishi-Nihon Co., Ltd. are integrated.
(currently, a consolidated subsidiary, ENEX FLEET Co., Ltd.)
Jun. 2022 The Company purchases shares in International Auto Auction Co., Ltd. and starts the automobile auction business.
Jun. 2023 The Company acquires shares issued by Informetis Co.,Ltd. in a private placement and begins its efforts to provide new services utilizing efficient energy use and high-precision power data.
Aug. 2023 The Company acquires a portion of the stock in Nalnet Communications Co., Ltd., which is entrusted with the management of maintenance for leased vehicles, and expands our business related to the automotive aftermarket.
Oct. 2023 The Company strengthens its road infrastructure maintenance business through a capital and business alliance with Nichireki Co., Ltd.