Smart Star (Next-Generation Energy Storage System)

Smart Star is a next-generation energy storage system using AI. It stores clean electricity generated by solar panels to provide a backup supply of electricity for the entire household using a large storage capacity lithium ion storage cell. It collects ever-changing weather information and, for example, generates electricity by solar panels on sunny days and uses it on rainy days and nights, and automatically manages electric charging and discharging according to changes in the weather using AI.

Features of Smart Star

1. Large storage capacity of 9.8 kWh & high output of 3 kVA (supports 200 V appliances)

Smart Star has a large storage capacity of 9.8 kWh. It can cover the average household’s daily energy consumption. It also offers a high output of up to 3 kVA both during normal operation and during power outages, enabling the simultaneous use of many electrical appliances. Even when the storage cell is almost empty, it can be fully charged in approximately 3 hours, enabling users to use it with security and peace of mind. Furthermore, it offers a high output of 3 kVA. It also supports 200 V appliances such as air conditioners, IH cookers, ECO-CUTE and ENEFARM (residential fuel cells), it can also be used with peace of mind by households aiming to create a fully electric home (without using gas) and/or achieve energy self-sustainability.

2. Equipped with features that provide peace of mind, even in an emergency

The stationary energy storage systems can be divided into the specific load and full load types, depending on how they are connected to the distribution board. The specific load type provides electricity to only the areas that were selected via the distribution board during installation. In contrast, the full load type can provide electricity to the entire household and does not require area selection during installation. The full load type offers more safety in the event that something happens.

In addition, Smart Star enables solar power to be generated as normal even during power outages using proprietary system control and enables the household to use the generated electricity. Any surplus power can be stored in Smart Star up to 3 kVA, enabling users to get through the night with peace of mind.

3. Electric charging and discharging control using AI

Smart Star and GridShare AI work in tandem, by learning how electricity is used day to day, it can predict the amount of power required for the next day, based on trends in use by day of the week or time slot. Based on the weather forecast for the next day, the system predicts the amount of power that will be generated by the house’s solar panels. It then cross-references this against the amount of electricity that the AI predicts will be used the next day, and determines how much power should be stored during the night. By controlling the charging and discharging of electricity optimally with GridShare, the Smart Star system achieves an economical and secure energy lifestyle.

4. Energy visualized on My Page

Via a smartphone, tablet, or computer, the charging/discharging status of your Smart Star and the history of power usage and amount purchased from electric power companies can be viewed on My Page. Also, users can use the Anshin Mimamori Service via the Internet. When your Smart Star experiences a failure and you contact Customer Service (toll-free), the failure status of your Smart Star can be checked with the manufacturer online. With this, we can address your issue swiftly.

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