Renewable Energy Businesses

ITOCHU ENEX proactively strives to achieve carbon neutrality in order to build a sustainable society for the future. We save our use of fossil fuels and promote the transition to green energy.

Solar Power Generation

Solar power generation is widely recognized as a sustainable energy source, and its effectiveness has received a great deal of attention. We are promoting development projects to maximize the use of solar power and supply environmentally friendly power. We are also working to promote farming-type solar power generation (solar sharing). It is an innovative initiative that realizes the effective use of farmland and the fusion of renewable energy, and connects local agriculture and energy supply. Through solar sharing, we support sustainable agriculture and contribute to regional revitalization.

Biomass Power Generation

In Tokushima Prefecture, we operate a biomass power plant with Oji Green Resources Co., Ltd. that uses forest resources and agricultural residue as fuel. We will continue to work on the development of power sources and electric power businesses that contribute to the realization of a low-carbon society while striving for a stable supply of electric power.