Car-Life Support Business

We deliver a variety of services based around the theme of contributing to local car-life and livelihoods. We offer comprehensive car-related services and products, such as our comprehensive car service Carlife Stadium, and various sales support products.

The Carlife Stadium Brand Moving forward, we integrated various car-related business brands that we had developed individually, in order to create a new service brand. We clarified our vision of what we aimed to become, and the values that we aimed to provide to consumers, and deploy optimal (primarily web-based) promotion as we aimed to create a brand that continued to be loved and chosen by local customers.

Carlife Stadium Rent-a-Car

Carlife Stadium Rent-a-Car offers nationwide services primarily at gas stations. Member registration is free, and members can rent vehicles at even better value prices by making reservations via the service website. Of course, reservations can also be made without completing member registration. The service aims to deliver better excursions by minimizing customer waiting times as much as possible.

Carlife Stadium Car Lease

Carlife Stadium Car Lease is a service that allows customers to drive a new car for a fixed monthly fee.
Users can choose their favorite car from domestic manufacturers, and easily drive a new car because it is no down payment required and included vehicle inspection and maintenance.
Applications can be made at any of our member stores nationwide or on our website.
The service aims to deliver better excursions by offering customer new way to drive a car.


ITOCHU ENEX constantly delivers high-quality engine oils offering the highest level performance, achieved through the application of the latest cutting-edge technologies. Our lineup includes various grades of oil designed to sufficiently meet the characteristic requirements for passenger cars, recreational vehicles (RVs) and commercial vehicles, and offer excellent performance and quality.


ITOCHU ENEX specializes in tire sales, and aims to create customer service that supports customers' car lives through tire sales. The distribution outlets, and tire manufacturers work together to achieve one-year sales targets through the T-1000 Tires Program.


EneStore is an e-commerce site for car-related products exclusively for corporations. It is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, accelerating the business of distribution outlets.
Taking advantage of the rich product lineup and the ITOCHU ENEX Group's purchasing power, we seamlessly handle everything from purchasing to sales.
It is possible for distribution outlets to creates time to focus on customer service.