ITOCHU ENEX Announces Formation of Business Alliance with Informetis Co.,Ltd. through Acquisition of Shares in a Private Placement

Jun. 19, 2023
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ITOCHU ENEX Announces Formation of Business Alliance with Informetis Co.,Ltd. through Acquisition of Shares in a Private Placement

ITOCHU ENEX CO.,LTD. (Headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Tomofumi Yoshida, Representative Director, President and CEO; hereinafter “ITOCHU ENEX”) announces that it has acquired shares issued by Informetis Co.,Ltd. (Headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo; Taro Tadano, CEO; hereinafter “Informetis”) in a private placement and that the two companies have signed a business alliance agreement on developing and providing new services and expanding the customer and sales base by combining their management resources.

Informetis leverages cutting-edge and unique AI technology (Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring*1; hereinafter “NILM”) to analyze the power consumption of individual home appliances and electrical equipment and identify appliances, prediction of electric power demand and forecast activities. It then uses the data collected through this technology in high accuracy energy data visualization for general households and the provision of various services including energy optimal control and consumer monitoring services.

Through this capital and business alliance with Informetis, ITOCHU ENEX Group will combine its own customer base and knowledge and expertise of the electric power-related business with Informetis' unique NILM technology, aiming for more efficient energy utilization through demand response as well as the provision of new services and solutions based on high precision electric power data to customers throughout Japan.

*1 Technology for separating electric waveform data using an AI algorithm, enabling visualization of appliance specific energy consumption

 Overview of Informetis

Name Informetis Co.,Ltd.
Location Round Cross Mita 4F, 5-5-1 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative Taro Tadano
Established April 8, 2013
Business AI-based energy analysis and energy management technology development, energy sensor development, IoT cloud platform development and application development

Details of the business alliance
(1) Planning and sale of sensors using NILM technology, related equipment, services incidental thereto, etc.
(2) Planning and sale of demand response, energy supply and demand management, related services, etc.
(3) Commercialization of related services using household electric power data
(4) Other businesses incidental to the foregoing
Outline of acquisition of shares in a private placement
Number of shares acquired: 254,237 shares of Informetis' common stock
Amount paid in: 299,999,660 yen
ITOCHU ENEX's shareholding ratio: (fully diluted basis) 5.74%
ITOCHU ENEX Group will continue pursuing next-generation business possibilities related to energy management in the future and will help realize a decarbonized society and solve the wide ranging issues faced by customers and society through energy.

 Contact information for this release
Corporate Communications Office, Corporate Planning Department
Contact Person: Aoyagi   Tel: +81-3-4233-8003

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