ENEFARM (Residential Fuel Cells)

What is ENEFARM?

What is ENEFARM (Residential Fuel Cells)?

ENEFARM is a hot water supply and warm water heating system that also enables households to generate power. The system generates power through a chemical reaction combining hydrogen extracted from LP gas or city gas with oxygen in the air, and utilizes the generated heat to supply hot water and heating. The system is environmentally friendly because it allows power to be created where it is needed, such as for use around the home, and enables effective use of energy without waste.

How ENEFARM generates electricity

ENEFARM generates power using the opposite principle to electrolysis of water, in which water is broken down into hydrogen and oxygen by passing electricity through it. First, hydrogen is extracted from LP gas or city gas. Electricity is then generated by reacting this hydrogen with oxygen in the air. Because the reaction also produces heat at the same time as electricity, the heat can be used to supply hot water.

ENEFARM System Structure

ENEFARM systems are comprised of two units: a fuel cell unit and a hot water storage unit. The fuel cell unit generates power by reacting hydrogen extracted from gas with oxygen in the air. The heat generated by the reaction is used to heat water, and the hot water produced is stored in the hot water storage unit.

Features of ENEFARM

1. Environmental conservation benefits

Because of its high energy efficiency, ENEFARM can minimize CO2 emissions. Families can contribute significantly to reducing CO2 emissions without changing their lifestyles, simply by switching from conventional energy systems to ENEFARM.

2. High energy usage efficiency

Because electricity is generated and used in the same place, the heat energy which was previously unused and allowed to escape can also be utilized to heat water, enabling more careful use of valuable energy.

3. Improving awareness of saving energy and conserving the environment

It is possible for households to check the amount of electricity which they are generating, their electric power usage, and the reduction in CO2 emissions that they are achieving in real time. This enables everyone in the family to enjoy working together to save energy and contribute to society.

4. Automated operation learning system

ENEFARM automatically learns how each household uses electricity and water, and uses automated operation to minimize wasted energy. The system also has a backup water heater in case the amount of hot water stored becomes insufficient due to lifestyle patterns that differ from the household’s everyday usage, meaning that there is no worry of running out of hot water.

5. Comfort

Because ENEFARM systems have a backup hot water heater, they enable comfortable and affluent lifestyles using warm water systems.

6. Reassuring long-term warranty

The ENEX Group carries out all repairs and maintenance to ENEFARM systems it supplies free of charge, for up to 10 years or a cumulative total of 40,000 hours of operation (whichever is sooner).