District Heating & Cooling Business

In May 2012, ITOCHU ENEX acquired a partial share in Tokyo Toshi Service Co., Ltd. (TTS), making it a member of the ITOCHU ENEX Group. TTS conducts district heating & cooling business operations, delivering cold water (for cooling) and warm water (for heating) produced at its heat supply centers via regional pipelines to multiple buildings in specified areas; as well as other related business operations.
In our district heating & cooling business, we operate a large number of locations, and possess some of Japan’s top-level energy saving technologies; as well as expertise relating to electric power demand peak shift, energy cost reduction and low-carbon technologies.
Utilization of as-yet untapped energy resources is also progressing. TTS is a pioneer in this field, in particular being the first in Japan to have introduced energy solutions utilizing temperature differences between river water, treated sewage and groundwater.
In related business operations, we provide heat storage outsourcing services (“ice banks”), which utilize knowhow developed through heat supply business operations in contributing to minimize initial costs, save energy and reduce CO2 emissions when a building’s A/C and hot water supply units are installed or replaced.
Moving forward, overseas demand is anticipated in the area of technologies and services relating to heat storage-type heat pumps, and we will be working to establish commercial business operations in these areas.

Tokyo Toshi Service CO.,LTD.