IT Support

To respond to changing business conditions and cater to diverse customer needs, ITOCHU ENEX provides powerful support for the retailers who operate Car-Life Stations (CSs), by developing and providing services and sales management systems utilizing the latest information technologies (IT) and Internet solutions.

By proposing comprehensive IT support for CS management, including POS systems equipped with accounting functionality, card systems that enable customer management, and rent-a-car services utilizing web solutions, we simultaneously achieve improved profitability for retailers and greater satisfaction for customers.

E3 - New POS System

ENEX has developed its own retail POS system, E3 (Enex Exciting Engine). The E3 framework consists of post-processing centers and instore POS. By accumulating sales data from instore POS systems at the post-processing centers utilizing the Internet, E3 supports work tasks such as sales results management, balance sheet calculations and bill preparation, and improves the efficiency of business management analysis.

E3 Pro (autonomous E3 processing using PC and Internet)

E3 Pro inherits the functionality of E3, and enables efficient processing on PC terminals at a low price. Unlike the previous center-based processing of E3, E3 Pro enables customers to manage sales results, perform balance sheet calculations and prepare bills easily using a PC. It is also equipped with a full range of security features, and simplifies sales management work and supports cost reduction efforts by reducing printing costs and other expenses.

E3 Dashboard

E3 Dashboard is a groundbreaking system that enables extraction of daily sales results and other information based on E3 data, supporting CS management by enabling simpler and speedier business analysis.