IT Support

ITOCHU ENEX strongly supports Car-life Station operators by providing services and products that contribute to attracting customers to Car-life Stations and to customer retention in response to diversifying customer needs.

Smartphone Fueling

ITOCHU ENEX launched "Smartphone fueling" that allows customers to order and make payment of refueling with their smartphones in December 2020.
Order information using Smartphone fueling is linked to the POS system, and customers can pay by credit card or QR code payment (PayPay, d payment, Rakuten PAY, auPAY, Merpay).

LINE Official Account (Authorized Agent)

ITOCHU ENEX is LINE Official Account Authorized Agent. Currently, we support the operation of LINE official accounts related to automotive business, mainly for Car-life Station operators.
Members of this service can use unique message delivery functions such as call centers for member stores and abundant image materials.

For inquiries regarding the LINE official Account Service, please contact us below.