Notice Regarding Acquisition of Mega Solar Power Plants in Takasaki, Gunma

Dec. 9, 2021
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Notice Regarding Acquisition of Mega Solar Power Plants in Takasaki, Gunma

 ITOCHU ENEX CO.,LTD. (Representative Director: Kenji Okada; hereafter "Itochu Enex") hereby announces that it has acquired large-scale solar power plants (Solar Friendly City Power Plant and Sanko 72 Country Club 40MW Power Plant) operating in Takasaki City, Gunnma Prefecture.

The two power plants, which were constructed by two specific purpose companies, commenced operations in September 2021. Itochu Enex, which had held 50% of the shares in the two specific purpose companies respectively, acquired all of the shares in the two companies at the end of November 2021 (conversion into Itochu Enex's consolidated subsidiaries).
Constructed on a site in Takasaki City that had been used entirely as a golf course, the two power plants feature a panel capacity of 65.3 megawatts and a projected annual power generation of 74,000 megawatt hours, which is equivalent to the amount of electricity used by approximately 20,500 ordinary households.
With the conversion of the two companies into consolidated subsidiaries, the Group has increased its renewable energy-based power generation capacity to 109.2 megawatts.  Enex Infrastructure Investment Corporation (hereinafter "EIF"), a listed infrastructure brand whose sponsors include Itochu Enex, owns eight solar power plants generating 139.8 megawatts in total. Itochu Enex and EIF together operate renewable energy-based power plants that generate approximately 250 megawatts.

Going forward, based on the corporate philosophy of "the best partner for life and society," the Group will continue to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society through a range of renewable energy-related initiatives.

Overview of the power generation companies

Specific purpose company Name of the power plant Location Panel capacity Commencement date of operation


Solar Friendly City Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture 11.6MW

September 7, 2021

SHINKO LLC. Sanko 72 Country Club 40MW Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture 53.7MW September 3, 2021
Total     65.3MW  

【Contact information for this release】 
Corporate Communications Office, Management Planning Department
Masahiko Aoyagi 
Tel: +81-3-4233-8003

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