Regarding Our Social Media

ITOCHU ENEX Co., Ltd. will deliver information using our social media so that more customers can know about us.
Before using our social media, please agree to the following:

To Customers Who Will Use Our Social Media

Our employees' comments posted to social media sites other than "ITOCHU ENEX official account" do not always reflect the views of the company.
We are not responsible in any way for comments posted by users.

We will not accept any liability for any damages caused by the use of our social media or a failure to use it for any reason.

We are not responsible for any damages to users or third-parties resulting from any troubles among users or between users and third-parties that are caused in relation to our social media.

We strive to ensure the accuracy of posted information. Should information be incorrect, we will correct it immediately.

Please refrain from carrying out the following acts against our account.

When a user's act corresponds to any of the following, we may delete the user's comments.

- Acts that identify, disclose, or leak personal information without the consent of the person concerned
- Acts that defame, discredit, or calumniate us or third-parties
- Acts that infringe on our copyrights, portrait rights, or intellectual property rights or the rights of third parties
- Acts that violate laws and regulations or are against public order and morality
- Other acts we judge to be inappropriate based on reasonable grounds

ITOCHU ENEX official social media account (as of February 2022)

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