Environmental Policy

Under the Corporate Philosophy, “The best partner for life and society,” the Itochu Enex Group will provide “energy for all applications, whether as a key component of social infrastructure or as a means of enriching people’s lives,” and will continue with the following activities toward the goal of preserving and improving the environment and achieving harmonious coexistence with the global environment and society.

1. Helping to Realize a Low-Carbon Society

  1. Promoting the advanced use of fossil fuels
  2. Expanding the energy solutions business
  3. Implementing environmental and social contribution activities

2. Reducing the Environmental Impact of Our Business Activities

  1. Routine energy and resource conservation in office work
  2. Energy efficiency in facilities use
  3. CO2 reductions at the transportation stage

Preserving Local Environments

  1. Compliance with laws and regulations, environmental protocols, and independent standards
  2. Safety enhancements and upgrades

Environmental Policy 

Itochu Enex's Environmental Policy is viewable. (Only Japanese)
To ensure that each and every employee is always aware of our environmental policy, we post it on our in-house portal site.