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SPECIAL FEATURE Employee Roundtable Discussion

Expand and Connect With On-site Capabilities
In the medium-term business plan “ENEX2030,” “on-site capabilities” is one of the key phrases.
We held a roundtable discussion with the four recipients of the FY2022 Group Awards, who work in the “field” in their divisions, and discussed the realities of working in the field.

Diversity special talk

At the ITOCHU ENEX Group, we believe it is important to respect the diversity and values of employees and to harness them as our strengths. Based on this belief, we open positions to diverse human resources and provide them with opportunities to demonstrate their capabilities.Motoyo Yamane, an Outside Director, Masako Iwamoto, an Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member, and Yasue Abe, the General Manager of Human Resources & General Affairs Department, had a special talk about what will be necessary for the ITOCHU ENEX Group to continue advancing diversity initiatives.

Roundtable Discussion with Outside Directors

The ITOCHU ENEX Group formulated “SHIFT! 2022,” a new medium-term business plan aimed at addressing urgent environmental issues and the call for decarbonization, as well as further accelerating its growth strategy.
In light of the qualitative plan set forth in “SHIFT! 2022,” we held a roundtable discussion with the Group’s three Outside Directors, all of whom are independent officers.
Drawing on their own objective perspectives, they discussed matters such as the Group’s strengths, the state of our messaging, and measures that could be taken to enhance corporate value.

Diversity Discussion

In June 2019, Motoyo Yamane was appointed as the Group’s first female outside director.
She has worked as an NHK announcer for a variety of media and educational programs. In 2005, she became the first woman to be appointed as the head of the announcements office.
The following is a conversation between Ms. Yamane and President and Chief Executive Officer Kenji Okada on the theme of Diversity.

Diversity Discussion

ITOCHU ENEX works toward the realization of an inclusive society where everyone, with or without disabilities, is able to participate according to their capabilities.Along with increasing job opportunities for people with disabilities and working to have a workforce, we continue to pave the way for the creation of an environment where people with disabilities are able to exert their strengths and achieve greater things. The following discussion between Shinri Hasegawa, a Director of Startline Co., Ltd., and Motoyo Yamane, an ITOCHU ENEX outside director is on the theme of the success of diverse personnel.

Sustainability Discussion

Currently, we are in the process of drawing up our long-term vision, and sustainability will be an important element of that vision. So, what does sustainability mean in the ITOCHU ENEX Group? To help answer that question, we invited sustainability expert Kazuo Tase, President and CEO of SDG Partners, Inc., to sit down with President and Chief Executive Officer Kenji Okada for a conversation about building a sustainable society.

Lifestyle magazine "FRaU SDGs Jan. 2021" publication page

The ITOCHU ENEX Group's initiatives related to the SDGs were featured in the January 2021 issue of FRaU SDGs, a lifestyle magazine published on December 22, 2020.
The article is introduced with photos and easy-to-understand illustrations.
(Limited publication until December 2021, Japanese page only)