Environmental Business

Renewable Energy Business

The Itochu Enex Group is currently focusing on expanding power generation facilities that utilize renewable energy sources. Our total renewable energy generation capacity is 49,220 kW, and we own power generation facilities centered on wind, hydro and solar power. In cooperation with Enex Infrastructure Investment Corporation, we are harnessing financial channels to make investments in renewable energy power generation facilities and other projects, with a primary focus on solar power generation.
Our aim is to contribute to the global environment and help to bring about a sustainable society through promotion and expansion of renewable energy.

Sale of High-Grade Urea Solution AdBlue®

As part of our efforts to address environmental issues, we sell AdBlue®, which breaks down and detoxifi es diesel vehicle exhaust, to customers throughout Japan.
AdBlue® is a global standard high-grade urea solution used in selective catalytic reaction (SCR) systems. AdBlue®, which uses the reducing properties of ammonia, is sprayed into the exhaust stream of diesel vehicles and breaks down NOX into harmless nitrogen and water.
※®Registered trademark of Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V.(VDA)

Sale of GTL Fuel

GTL fuel is a diesel replacement fuel. Being derived from natural gas, it is a cleaner fuel alternative with reduced environmental impact. With properties equivalent to oilderived products, it emits approximately 8.5% less CO2 than diesel fuel. In addition, it is colorless, odorless, non-toxic, remains serviceable in temperatures as low as −30°C, and has superior long-term storage stability compared with diesel fuel. Based on these advantages, demand is expected to increase. Itochu Enex began selling GTL fuel in the Chubu and Kansai regions of Japan in 2017, and expanded sales to the Kanto region in 2019.

Advanced Use of Fossil Fuels

Fly Ash Recycling Business

We operate a flyash recycling business that collects flyash from spent coal and biomass fuels at thermal power plants and processes it for reuse as a roadbed material in asphalt roads, forest roads and other applications.

Slop and Sludge Collection and Sale Business

We collect slop (wastewater after washing marine fuel tanks) and sludge (unburnt marine fuel) that have been disposed of as industrial waste, and extract and reuse useful oil resources from them.

Smart Energy Equipment

Double Power Generation System

This is a system that intelligently combines solar power generation and ENE-FARM, a home fuel cell system. It primarily uses power generated by ENE-FARM, supplemented with solar power. The surplus solar power can be sold, enabling a more budget-friendly and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

ENE-POWABO L Residential Lithium-Ion Power Storage System

This system has a large rated capacity of 9.8 kWh. This storage capacity enables continued use of household appliances even during a disaster-related power outage. Furthermore, storing electricity during the night when tariffs are low and using it during the day can reduce utility expenses.

Thorough Implementation of Eco-Driving in the Supply Chain

As a Known Shipper under the revised Act on the Rational Use of Energy, Itochu Enex is working to reduce CO2 emissions from product shipping. Each year and in each region, with the cooperation of Isuzu Motors Sales Ltd. and ITOCHU Corporation, Itochu Enex offers eco-driving courses taught by experts to representatives, dispatchers, and drivers at companies to which the Group subcontracts shipping. These courses promote safe driving practices aimed at reducing accidents to zero and support thorough eco-driving, covering such topics as turning off the engine when stopped, fuel-saving driving techniques, and anger management. They are making a positive contribution toward CO2 emission reduction throughout the entire supply chain. We are also cooperating with other companies in the industry in promoting the establishment of an efficient delivery and transportation network.

Participation in “Cool Choice” Campaign

The Itochu Enex Group supports “Cool Choice,” a climate change campaign aiming for a low-carbon society. The campaign is led by Japan’s Ministry of the Environment. The Group promotes energy conservation activities including wearing light clothing in summer, heavy clothing in winter,eco-driving, green purchasing, turning off lighting when facilities are not in use, and raising awareness about food loss. At Itochu Enex, to reduce plastic waste, we have switched to label-free plastic bottles for tea offered to visiting customers, and have discontinued use of plastic stirrers and single-serve coffee creamers.

Heat Supply Business

The heat supply business of Group company Tokyo Toshi Service Company (TTS) provides hot and cold water for heating and air conditioning to multiple buildings within a district and proposes solutions for effi cient energy use in conjunction with community development. TTS also provides low-CO2, energy-saving thermal storage contractbased services at a low setup cost when installing or replacing building air conditioning or hot water supply systems.