Biodiversity Policy

The ITOCHU ENEX Group aims to achieve the coexistence of a better global environment and society through biodiversity conservation that is shaped by corporate activities in accordance with the following biodiversity policy.

 1.Biodiversity-friendly Business Activities
We recognize that our business activities depend on the blessings of biodiversity and that they may affect the ecosystem. Accordingly, we shall promote business activities that incorporate a wide range of environmental activities (such as interrelated climate change measures, resource circulation measures and biodiversity conservation) to build a society in which we coexist with nature.

2.Understanding and Reducing the Impact of the Relationship between Business and Biodiversity
We are aiming for a net positive impact on biodiversity by understanding the relationship between our business activities across our entire group and biodiversity from a global perspective. We shall strive to avoid and minimize the impact our business activities have on biodiversity. At the same time, we shall promote the restoration of the ecosystem.

3.Compliance with Each Treaty and the National Laws of Each Country

We shall promote the conservation of biodiversity by complying with international treaties on biodiversity (e.g., the Convention on Biological Diversity) and the relevant national laws of each country.

4.Enhancement of Partnerships and Conservation of Local Ecosystems
We shall look to share awareness of biodiversity by cooperating with industry groups, supply chains, local governments. We shall then make our biodiversity conservation efforts more effective. We shall take into account conservation of biodiversity in the areas in which we conduct business activities. At the same time, we shall promote conservation of biodiversity from the perspective of creating communities that utilize natural resources to contribute to the realization of affluent and safe lives in local communities. We shall do this together with stakeholders.

5.Enhancement of Information Sharing and Dissemination
We shall promote understanding of biodiversity of the areas in which we conduct business activities in addition to our employees through awareness activities. We shall contribute to raising awareness of biodiversity over the whole of society by continuously disclosing the details of our efforts.

The Biodiversity Minato Network

We have joined the Biodiversity Minato Network and are working to raise awareness throughout the Group, including internally disseminating information about local biodiversity conservation activities. Since fiscal 2021, we have been continuously participating in the Biodiversity Minato Forum “Minato Biodiversity Panel Exhibition” and working to increase information about local biodiversity conservation activities.

The Project for The Renewal of a Town as a Habitat for Japanese Cranes

We have been participating in a community project as a supporter of Naganuma-cho, Hokkaido Prefecture in order to protect Japanese cranes designated as an endangered species. Furthermore, we are co-sponsoring the documentary film “The Miracle Crane Dancing in Yumeno,” which depicts the local efforts to bring back Japanese cranes to the town, and widely call for the coexistence between nature and humans.