Diversity Statement

Declaration of Diversity & Inclusion

We respect the diverse ages, nationalities, genders, disabilities, values, workstyles, and other attributes of our employees, accept the differences among them, and acknowledge their individual characteristics, to ensure that all of our employees are able to fully demonstrate their capabilities and personal qualities and remain The Best Partner for Life and Society. We promote many initiatives to continue to make innovative change happen, relying on the strength of our employees' diversity.                                                                                                                                                                             

Tomofumi Yoshida
Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer

Basic Policy

  1. We position diversity & inclusion as sources of new value creation and as a business strategy, aiming for the sustainable improvement of our corporate value.
  2. We respect the diversity of our employees and strive to create a workplace that enables each of them to fully demonstrate and leverage their individual strengths.
  3. All of our employees enjoy working and find our jobs rewarding. By that, it will build unwavering trust and creates innovative change.

Introduction of the Diversity Promotion Office

Since its founding in 1961, ITOCHU ENEX Group has always considered its people to be its greatest asset. Human resources are at the center of the Group’s value creation, and are the driving force of sustainable growth and medium- to long-term enhancement of corporate value. In April 2019, we established the Diversity Promotion Office as an executive unit to advocate for diversity within the group and to foster global human resources in line with one of the strategies set out in our mid-term business plan “Moving2020 :Horizons.” We believe that all employees must have a strong and close connection with the company, play an active role, and feel that the company is a meaningful workplace. To achieve this, we are committed to taking any necessary actions.

Actions for diversity

We are taking steps to promote diversity on three axes with a view to creating a culture that encourages individuals to work actively according to their skills and performance, irrespective of gender, age or nationality. The three axes comprise, first, mindset reforms and generation of culture, second, support for work-life balance and career advancement and, third, work style reforms.

ITOCHU ENEX Group Transitions in diversity management