Diversity Statement

Declaration of Diversity & Inclusion

We respect the diverse ages, nationalities, genders, disabilities, values, workstyles, and other attributes of our employees, accept the differences among them, and acknowledge their individual characteristics, to ensure that all of our employees are able to fully demonstrate their capabilities and personal qualities and remain The Best Partner for Life and Society. We promote many initiatives to continue to make innovative change happen, relying on the strength of our employees' diversity.
Kenji Okada
Representative Director,President and Chief Executive Officer

Basic Policy

  1. We position diversity & inclusion as sources of new value creation and as a business strategy, aiming for the sustainable improvement of our corporate value.
  2. We respect the diversity of our employees and strive to create a workplace that enables each of them to fully demonstrate and leverage their individual strengths.
  3. All of our employees enjoy working and find our jobs rewarding. By that, it will build unwavering trust and creates innovative change.