Diverse human resource achievements

Women Taking Active Roles

Based on the understanding that the ITOCHU ENEX Group is active in many business fields and the fact that our businesses are influenced by many perspectives, in 2013 we started to increase the number of female workers. The female ratio, at less than 10%, was overwhelmingly small compared to other industries. With our initiative for hiring and retaining women, the ratio has increased to 20% and women are active in various fields. We continue to develop areas where individuals can play an active role and maximize performance regardless of gender or age.

First female outside director appointed(2019~)

Ms. Motoyo Yamane, a former NHK announcer, became our outside director in 2019. Ms. Masako Iwamoto, Managing Partner of Iwamoto Law Office, was appointed to be an outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member in FY2021. They are working on diversity and ESG, the causes we are currently promoting.

Level-specific training <for managing staff>(October 11, 2021/October 14, 2021/October 25, 2021)

To promote diversity, we conducted manager training for all section managers and provided an opportunity to consider the work environment and possible improvement. Discussions were held around expected behavior as managers, understanding diversified human resources, the importance of personnel evaluation, and personal growth and organizational development.

Female Leaders Roundtable Discussion(September 27, 2022)

A roundtable discussion was held with Ms. Yamane, Outside Director of the Company, Ms. Iwamoto, Audit & Supervisory Board Member, and 9 female leaders. Participants had a frank discussion about anxieties and concerns as leaders and what they keep in mind, among other things. The Company’s executive officers in attendance who are senior female leaders provided advice on what is expected of leaders, based on their own experience. The participating members voiced their hope of holding regular meetings, and the meeting also provided an occasion for employees to interact with each other.

Our Actions to Comply with the Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace

We formulate plans of action pursuant to the Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace to establish a work environment that contributes to female participation and career advancement.

People with disabilities

ITOCHU ENEX employs and supports people with disabilities in a variety of ways while meeting the statutory-required employment rates.

Activities at IBUKI TODA FARM 2

Since May 1, 2019, we have engaged with IBUKI, an indoor farm operated by Start Line Co., Ltd. that employs people with disabilities in Toda, Saitama Prefecture. Currently, 7 employees with disabilities are active at the facility.

Celebrating art created by people with disabilities

Aside from sponsoring the Artbility project, which is operated by the social welfare corporation Tokyo Colony, we issue an original calendar annually featuring artwork registered by Artbility as well as wrapping paper to support the self-reliance of people with disabilities.

Swan Bakery delivered sales

Swan Bakery was established by the Yamato Welfare Foundation to support self-reliance and social involvement of people with disabilities. Swan Bakery sells its products every month at our head office, and our Group staff enjoys freshly baked, delicious bread.

Global human resources

In the 2018 fiscal year, we started to send our staff to global positions to strengthen our human resources. They are expected to become capable in all aspects of foreign business management, including business development, corporate administration, and local management. With this practical approach, we aim to achieve the advancement of diversification within our group companies.