Water Resource Conservation

Water Resource Conservation Policy

The ITOCHU ENEX Group believes that water is an important resource for its business activities. Guided by the Group’s Environmental Policy, we will put the following into practice and stay committed to the reduction of environmental impact of our business activities.

1. Reduction of annual water consumption
2. Keeping updated on and monitoring water consumption by intake and drainage
3. Keeping updated on the impact of water security on our business operations and response to risks
4. Proper treatment of wastewater and prevention of water pollution
5. Conservation and efficient use of water resources

Efforts to Water Resource Conservation

Water-saving car wash machine introduced at several CSs

We are installing eco-friendly water-saving car wash systems at the Car-Life Stations we operate.

Identifying Water-Stressed Areas

At our local office in Thailand (ITC ENEX Southeast Asia Co., Ltd.、ITC ENEX (Thailand) Co., Ltd.), a water-stressed region, we are working to conserve water through the same eco-office activities we implement in Japan.

Water Consumption and Amount of Aastewater

See Environmental Data.