Climate change

Reducing CO2 Emissions

The ITOCHU ENEX Group has set medium- to long-term targets for CO2 emissions reductions toward 2030 and 2050. By taking action to reduce CO2 emissions across society through our business activities, we will contribute to the realization of a decarbonized society

Environmental Data

Information disclosure based on the TCFD recommendations

We, Itochu Enex Group, have been delivering energy and services to people stably for more than 50 years under our Corporate Philosophy, "The Best Partner for Life and Society: with Energy, with the Car, with the Home." We also got involved in environmental business and next-generation energy at an early stage in response to the rapid movement toward a carbon-free society. In 2021, we formulated the Sustainability Policy, and further, identified climate change actions as a material issue that we should prioritize and address. We are implementing an action plan to contribute to the creation of a decarbonized society by accelerating initiatives to solve issues related to sustainability in a Group-wide manner in the medium to long term.
Then, we have recognized the importance of disclosing climate-related financial information and expressed our support for the TCFD recommendations. Additionally, we will identify the risks and opportunities that climate change affects our business activities, conduct a scenario analyze and disclose them based on the concept of TCFD recommendations. We will continue to enhance our initiatives by maintaining our management strategy of positioning climate change actions as new business opportunities. We will review our disclosures based on the TCFD recommendations appropriately and continue to disclose the information properly.
We are participating in “TCFD consortium” which was established by METI, MOE, and FSA in order to aim the discussion on effective and efficient corporate disclosure of climate-related information and their use by financial institutions.

Supporting the "COOL CHOICE" campaign

We support climate change countermeasure campaign "COOL CHOICE" led by the Ministry of the Environment to materialize a low-carbon society. We are promoting energy-saving behavior in each office such as “power saving by switching off” “COOL BIZ”“WARM BIZ” Eco-Drive” and raising awareness of food loss. In addition, at the head office, as an initiative to reduce plastic waste, we have changed to label-less PET bottles for serving tea to visitors, and have abolished plastic stirrers and individually wrapped coffee milk.

Responding to CDP

We actively disseminate information on our sustainability initiatives to various stakeholders. As part of this, we have participated in the CDP (NGO that is widely recognized around the world as a global standard,) and have been responding to climate change questionnaires since FY2019.