Climate change

Information disclosure based on the TCFD recommendations

At the Itochu Enex Group, we have been delivering energy and services to people stably for more than 50 years under our Corporate Philosophy, "The Best Partner for Life and Society: with Energy, with the Car, with the Home."
We also got involved in environmental business and next-generation energy at an early stage in response to the rapid movement toward a carbon-free society. In 2021, we formulated the Sustainability Policy, and further, identified climate change actions as a material issue that we should prioritize and address.
We are implementing an action plan to contribute to the creation of a decarbonize society by accelerating initiatives to solve sustainability issues in a Group-wide manner in the medium to long term.

And this time, we have identified risks and opportunities that climate change presents in the business activities of the Itochu Enex Group, based on our understanding of the importance of disclosing climate-related financial information and the ideas behind the TCFD recommendations.
We will continue to enhance our initiatives by maintaining our management strategy of positioning climate change actions as new business opportunities.
We will review our disclosures based on the TCFD recommendations where appropriate in our efforts to ensure proper disclosure.