Health and Safety in the workplace

To make Itochu Enex a better company, a rewarding place to work, and a company that we are able to boast about to our families and society

At the Itochu Enex Group, we are creating work environments in which employees can maintain and improve their health and work with peace of mind. We are also promoting Health and Productivity Management so that every employee can work with enthusiasm, motivation, and a sense of fulfillment.

Commitment to Health and Productivity Management

At the Itochu Enex Group, we have been pursuing services and businesses that customers need, and working for the sustainable development of society in accordance with our Corporate Philosophy, “The best partner for life and society— with Energy, with the Car, with the Home.”We will work in close partnership with customers to create value, just as we have always done.We believe this will be driven by the sound physical and mental health of our employees.To enable all employees to fully demonstrate their abilities and individuality, and to continue contributing as the best partner for life and society, we will strive to maintain and improve the health of our employees and their families, and to be a company where employees can work with vitality and peace of mind.

March 2020 Kenji Okada, Representative Director, President and CEO

Group Code of Conduct (Relationship with Employees)

We consider the health and safety of all employees with whom we are involved, and duly strive to create a safe and comfortable workplace environment for them.
*Excerpt taken from the Itochu Enex Group Code of Conduct
(All officers and employees check the Group Code of Conduct every year, and make a commitment to all of the Group’s stakeholders.) Full text of the Itochu Enex Group Code of Conduct

Enex Early Bird Working Style Reform Plan

Through the Enex Early Bird working style reform plan, the Itochu Enex Group is promoting employee helath and respecting each employee’s lifestyle by creating an organization in which diverse human resources can utilize their abilities and perform to their potential. Through this scheme, we aim to make Itochu Enex a better company, a rewarding place to work, and a company to be proud of with regard to families and society, for every employee.

【Approach and KPIs】
1.Encouraged a shift from late-night to morning-based work
2.Meals,etc.with customers or colleagues to end by 10:00p.m.
3.At least 80% of paid vacation days taken
4.At least 80% of employees with a BMI of less than 25
5.At least 80% of employees being nonsmokers
6.Improve quality of communication by two rankings
7.Improve quality of meetings by two rankings
8.Improve quality of documents and materials by two rankings

Specific Initiatives Aimed at Promoting Employee Health

【Organizational Structure for Health Promotion】
One of the three core concepts of working style reform under Enex Early Bird, which is declared and promoted by Representative Director President and CEO, is emphasis on health. In driving this initiative, the General Manager of our Human Resources and General Affairs Department is responsible for promoting and improving employee health. The Chief Operating Officer of the Corporate Administration Division and the General Manager of the Human Resources & General Affairs Department are in charge of promoting Health and Productivity Management. Under their leadership, the Human Resources Section, Health Support Office, Social Contribution & General Affairs Section, and other departments plan and implement initiatives to instill the idea of promoting employee health within the company.Together with other departments, the Human Resources Section, Health Support Office, Social Contribution and General Affairs section of the Human Resources and General Affairs Department plan and implement initiatives to instill the idea of promoting employee health within the company.
We have also established a Health Committee meetings (chaired by the General Manger of the Human Resources and General Affairs Department) which promotes Health and Productivity Management, and widely publicizes and communicates information regarding initiatives for improving health and safety in the workplace. The committee also creates PDCA cycles for Health and Productivity Management, with each committee member implementing initiatives for improving health-related capabilities, beyond the committee’s conventional boundaries.
In each area, branch managers act as Health Promotion Managers, and implement various initiatives for promoting Health and Productivity Management and improving health and safety in the workplace. The Health Committee also holds general meetings around twice a year that are attended by persons responsible for promoting good health, public health nurses, union members, Health Committee members, and Health Promotion Managers. At these meetings, measures for Health and Productivity Management and working style reforms are reviewed to improve productivity and health-related capabilities.

【Health and Productivity Management and Actual Productivity】
In the Enex Early Bird working style reform, we established the KPI of a paid leave usage percentage of 80% or more, as we strive to develop a corporate climate and environment which makes it easy for employees to take paid leave and balance work and life.
We also promote smart work with efficient working styles, digital transformation, and others.

Paid leave acquisition rate and consolidated net profit

Prevention of cancer and other diseases

As the first step for strengthening our human resources with an emphasis on health, we strive to ensure our employees are able to learn about their health conditions through health checkups and cancer screenings.The health checkups and cancer screenings provided to employees of every generation are more detailed than is legally required, with the full expense assumed by the company. Results for all employees are determined by our industrial doctors while we also provide information regarding secondary examinations and follow-up health guidance.An overview of the results of the entire company's health examinations is disclosed on the internal bulletin board. We compare KPIs across years and take improvement measures.

・The company's work regulations require that employees receive regular health checkups (100% of employees receive health checkups every year. We help all employees receive checkups by identifying those who have yet to make a reservation and recommending that they do so)
・We provide e-learning related to health checkups and cancer screenings (with a message from the Officer of Health Promotion)
・Provision of cancer screenings (with content varying depending on age) exceeding legal requirements

・Subsidies for secondary examinations
(Employees whose screening results indicate that intense scrutiny required, retesting required, or a 3-month/ 6-month follow-up required, will have the expenses of these applicable follow-up examinations assumed by the company)
・The health checkups of spouses of 40-year-old or older employees are subsidized (separately from the subsidies for spouse's health checkups from the health insurance union)
・ We have joined the Gan Taisaku Suishin Kigyo Action, (the corporate action to combat cancer initiative promoted by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare), providing information to increase awareness of the importance of cancer screenings and improving cancer literacy

Support for Balancing Work and the Treatment of Injuries, Cancer and Other Diseases

Since our foundation, we have always believed that our people are our greatest asset. Based on this, we support our employees with a system and program to help them balance work with medical care and programs enabling them to take leaves of absence and return to work, so that they are able to continue working with peace of mind and enthusiasm even in the face of an injury, cancer, or other disease.

・Clarifying processes and support systems for employees needing long-term care
・ Formulating plans to help employees who need long-term care to balance work and medical care, based on their symptoms, frequency of hospital visits, and how they work
・Describing the details of measures and systems for helping employees balance work and medical care and the details of each program in the handbook regarding Health and Productivity Management
・ Utilization of paid leave (by the hour, half day, and whole day)
・ Carryover of unused paid leave(Carryover and use of unused paid leave for the past two years) (Back-up leave)
・ Use of shorter working hours, flexible working hours, and staggered working hours programs
・ Paying leave salary (salary paid to employees on leave) in accordance with the duration of service
・ Monetary support program for balancing work and cancer treatment(Subsidy for advanced medical care not covered by health insurance: 5 million yen/ occasion, provision of income support during leave of absence)
・Support program for employees receiving medical treatment
・Return-to-work program with considerations for the management of condition, care, etc. after return to work
・ Consultation service provided by an internal coordinator who supports employees in their balance of work and medical care

Measures for Improving Health Literacy

Based on health checkup results and data provided by the health insurance union, we hold health seminars every year. The themes of the seminars are based on checkup items whose results have gotten worse and those for which KPIs were not achieved, among others.Because the percentage of employees who were not able to sleep enough increased in FY2018, we chose sleep to be the seminar theme for FY2019. As a result, the percentage of employees who were able to sleep enough increased from 67% in FY2018 to 71% in FY2019.

・Conducting training programs on Health and Productivity Management at training sessions for management personnel
・A training program on Health and Productivity Management was provided as a part of new employee training and training for managerial employees.
・Organizing lectures given by industrial doctors
・Holding health seminars for employees
*FY2017 seminar theme: General Health (BMI, stress, quitting smoking)
*FY2018 seminar theme: Health and Laughter
*FY2019 seminar theme: Sleep
*FY2020 seminar theme: Retrain Your Body that has Gotten Rusty as You Work from Home/Improve Presenteeism
・Disclosing health check results and analyses, and communicating health-related information via employee portal sites and in-house social media
(Itochu Enex has joined the corporate action to combat cancer initiative, and is communicating information for improving cancer literacy.)
・Covering the cost of correspondence-based educational course fees (e.g. Mental Health Management proficiency test, dementia care qualifications, coping with stress)

Promoting a Healthy Work-Life Balance

In FY2016, we launched the Enex Early Bird working style reform, positioning work-life balance and productivity improvement as important management issues.One of KPIs of Enex Early Bird is 80% usage of paid leave. This percentage has improved every year while overtime hours have been decreasing.In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2020, we achieved a record-high consolidated net profit for the fifth consecutive year.

・Introducing an overtime advance declaration scheme, and system for accurately recording working hours (i.e. time of arrival and departure from work)/ ・Use of the JTB Eraberu Club employee benefit (e.g. a special subsidy for accommodation costs, theme park tickets, movie tickets, and the use of sports clubs, support for people's daily lives, etc.)
・Announcing in-house rankings for the utilization of paid leave by department, with the goal of ensuring that employees use at least 80% of their paid leave
・Encouraging employees to take (five) consecutive holidays as a summer vacation
・Introducing programs such as hourly paid leave, flexible working hours, staggered working hours, and shorter working hours, and enhancing special leave programs
・Permitting employees to work remotely and making use of easy-to-use shared offices/ ・Length-of-service awards (Special paid leave and travel tickets.)
・Recreation facilities

Initiatives to Encourage Active Communication

We have set improving the quality of communication by two ranks as a specific measure for promoting Enex Early Bird, the working style reform began in 2016.We believe that the encouragement of active communication leads directly to the increased productivity and health-related capabilities of an organization and the Company as a whole. We regard measures to activate communication as opportunities not only to reduce stress but also to innovate.

・IntroOne floor for the sales departmentducing “free addressing” within each department
・Establishing an in-house café which can also be used to hold events
・Creating events (The company holds seasonal events, sporting events, and engages in social contribution activities* that lead to health promotion and improvement.)
*The company has a volunteer activities support scheme which also applies to employees’ family members.
・Utilizing in-house social media (e.g. internal portal sites, Yammer, etc.)
・Sponsoring local festivals and sporting events
・Subsidies for sports team activities
・Use of online systems and online conferences
・Use of internal digital signage (to share and present information)

Mental Health Initiatives

Every year, we ensure that all officers, employees, and temporary staff members take stress checks and a measurement of their work engagement. These involve self-checks and self-care by the individuals, group analysis and organizational diagnoses by industrial doctors and experts, and interviews with highly stressed individuals, including follow-up, as measures for improving the workplace environment (line care) and productivity.In FY2020, the response rate of stress checks was 87% (compared to 84% in FY2018).Concerning the level of work engagement, positive answers have continued to be obtained (based on comparison with the averages of other companies ascertained by the company which conducted the survey).

・Conducting stress checks (and considering strategies for reducing the burden placed on highly-stressed individuals as needed)
・Establishing harassment consultation, internal reporting (whistleblowing) and mental health consultation desks
・Counseling provided by the Health Support Office (public health nurses and industrial counsellors)
・Conducting employee awareness surveys
・Work regulations prohibiting harassment, informing employees of harassment guidelines and power harassment guidelines, and providing harassment training
・Interviews, stress care, and support for the return to work provided by industrial psychiatrists and coordinators who supports employees in their balancing work and medical care

Prevention of lifestyle-related diseases

In response to the increasing percentage of employees at high risk of lifestyle-related diseases and those with metabolic syndrome, we have set 80% more of employees having a BMI below 25 and the prohibition of dining or drinking with clients or internal staff after 22:00 as KPIs for the promotion of good health, a one of the items promoted in the Enex Early Bird working style reform launched in 2016. We have also focused our efforts on measures to preventing disease and reduce risks and the creation of opportunities for employees other than high risk employees to improve their health.This has resulted in a higher percentage of employees with normal blood pressure, fat levels, GOT, and GTP values (according to a comparison the levels in FY2016 and FY2019).The rate of implementation (completion) of specific health guidance was 15.1% in FY2017 (compared to the 8.9% average of the Itochu Federation of Health Insurance Unions) and 24% in FY2018 (compared to the 20.9% average of the Itochu Federation of Health Insurance Unions).Moving forward, we will continue to strengthen these measures to improve BMI and blood sugar level.

・Encouraging participation in the health management program preventing the making worse of existing health problems, program run by the health insurance union- Prohibiting dining and drinking with clients or internal people after 22:00
・Providing subsidies for in-house sports clubs (¥50,000/month)
・Installing blood pressure meters and scales (body mass composition analyzers) in health and fitness corners
・Subsidizing fitness club memberships
・Installing health and fitness equipment in the in-house cafe
・Selling salads and other side dishes, and displaying labels with information regarding calories and sugar content
・Loaning books that promote good health
・Providing free healthy beverages, such as Aojiru green juice and mineral water
・Encouraging the use of stairs
・Encouraging participation in health and fitness-related events
・Fostering awareness of health and fitness by sponsoring and publicizing sports teams
・Obtaining Sports Yell Company accreditation
・Creating spaces for standing (i.e. non-seated) meetings
・Showing radio gymnastics videos on internal monitors
・Health app

Health Issues Specific to Women

We have established the promotion of diversity and nurturing of global human resources as human resource strategies for growth in the medium-term business plan, Moving 2020 Horizons. The percentage of our employees that are women and the number of opportunities for them to actively participate have increased significantly.We believe that ensuring that all employees understand health problems specific to women and the differences in life events experienced by men and women will lead to the improvement of productivity, development of a corporate climate that enables excellent communication, and innovation.

Conducting training programs on women’s health issues at training sessions for management personnel

・Conducting training programs on women’s health issues at training sessions for management personnel
・Covering the cost of gynecological examinations
・Establishing a women’s only rest/break room(A men-only rest/break room is also available)
・Publishing a handbook to help employees balance work and childbirth/childcare
・Supporting the career development of employees on childcare leave (both men and women)
・Offering subsidies for spouses' health checkups (provided separately from the subsidies from the health insurance union) and providing information about health checkups

Preventing Infectious Diseases

At the Itochu Enex Group, we work in accordance with our Corporate Philosophy, “The best partner for life and society— with Energy, with the Car, with the Home,” and position the stable supply of energy as our mission. We regard infectious disease epidemics to be events and risks that may affect corporate operations. To ensure that we are able to continue delivering the energy needed by customers safely and reliably even during an epidemic, we conduct company-wide management with the health and safety of our employees, including infection control, as our top priority.

・Performing group influenza vaccinations within the company
・Distributing surgical masks
・Encouraging employees to be vaccinated against rubella
・Offering vaccinations for trainees and employees travelling to overseas posts
・Our response to the COVID-19 pandemic
- We have established a COVID-19 task force headed by the president. The task force manages the situation by determining and implementing company-wide policy and measures that are deemed necessary and sharing information about these actions.
- Establishing the COVID-19 business continuity plan (BCP)
- Establishing COVID-19 guidelines
- Working from home, staggered working hours, and provision of information
- Disinfecting offices, using a hygiene control system, ensuring disinfectants and hygienic goods are placed in workplaces
- Ensuring social distancing in workplaces and installing droplet barriers
- Maximizing ventilation volume in workplaces
- Encouraging staggered use of dining areas
- Conducting PCR tests

Influenza vaccination
Initiatives to Help Employees Quit Smoking

The smoking rate of our employees is higher than the national average, and smoking is said to be a cause of diseases including lifestyle-related diseases and cancers. Therefore, we believe the smoking rate is a priority health issue for Itochu Enex, where employees' capabilities, which are impacted by their health, are the foundation of the company's sustainable growth.In the Enex Early Bird working style reform, which we launched in 2016, we set the goal of 80% of our employees being non-smokers as a KPI and strengthened measures to achieve it. As a result, the percentage of non-smokers increased by 4.4%, from 62.5% in FY2016 to 66.9% in FY2019.We will continue to strengthen measures to achieve the target.

・Covering the cost of outpatient therapy to quit smoking
・Covering the cost of purchasing smoking-cessation products (nicotine gums, nicotine patches, and prescription medicines intended to assist smokers to quit smoking)
・Covering the cost of online support for quitting smoking
・Distributing books on smoking cessation therapy to smokers
・Communicating information to enlighten employees about the benefits of quitting smoking (via internal portal sites, etc.)
・Taking necessary measures at all business establishments, including both indoor and outdoor spaces

Managing the Health of Employees Assigned Overseas

・Various vaccinations before leaving Japan
・Using medical assistance and medical consulting intended for employees making overseas business trips and those assigned overseas
・Use of the 24-hour emergency support system
・Setting up a health consultation office (using an international toll-free phone number)
・Sharing information calling attention to overseas safety measures, measures addressing crises from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and overseas travel alerts

Measures to address Presenteeism

We believe that presenteeism is one of the conditions which affect our execution of duties, and we take measures against medical conditions that have a ratio of outpatient treatment that is higher than the average according to data from medical examinations (consultations) in the health insurance union that we belong to.
Starting in FY2021, we will conduct a presenteeism survey concurrent with our stress checks. We will calculate the productivity and performance declines attributable to presenteeism and the losses caused by presenteeism, thereby verifying its effects on our business an ongoing basis.

・Full-scale introduction of low blue light monitors (as a countermeasure against ophthalmologic diseases)
・Online seminar on improving presenteeism (Reduction and prevention of stiff shoulders, eyestrain, and back pain due to telecommuting and lack of exercise)
・Holding sleep seminars (as a countermeasure against sleep disorders)
・Offering balance balls, health appliances, exercise seminars, and books to reduce the lower back pain, ruptured disks, and sciatica experienced by employees (as a measure addressing muscle disorders/lower back pain)
・Establishing mental health consultation desks and taking measures to prevent harassment (as measures addressing mental disorders)
・Offering free immune system-boosting beverages (as a measure addressing pollen allergies and colds)
・Installing air purifiers and humidifiers (as a measure addressing asthma)
・Ending the supply of sugar with coffee (as a measure addressing dental disorders)
*Presenteeism: A situation where an employee's work efficiency declines due to some health problem

Changes in Medical Spending

We are promoting Health and Productivity Management with the belief that the better health of all employees will be a driving force in our fulfillment of our social missions and help us achieve our Corporate Philosophy and improve corporate value.We regard the quantifiable reduction of medical spending as one of the reference values we track in our pursuit of the promotion of good health. Also, by breaking down medical spending by disorder groups, we consider new health improvement measures.

Changes in medical spending per Itochu Enex employee (employee and their families)

Emergency Lifesaving and Disaster Response

Itochu Enex engages in the following lifesaving and disaster response initiatives:
・Holding ordinary lifesaving training courses
・Displaying emergency first-aid manuals
・Providing lifesaving equipment, disaster readiness supplies/provisions and equipment, and disaster readiness (hazard and evacuation) maps
・Conducting disaster readiness and evacuation drills
・Supporting employees in obtaining disaster readiness qualifications (over 200 employees have already obtained qualifications)
・Conducting regular BCP (Business Continuity Planning) activities
・Establishing disaster-response vendors
・Satellite telephones carried by people in charge of disaster control at the head office and specific areas
・System for confirming the safety of employees
・Establishing an emergency contact network

Disaster readiness and evacuation drill

External Recognition

Through the Enex Early Bird working style reform plan, the Itochu Enex Group is promoting employee health and respecting each employee’s lifestyle by creating an organization in which diverse human resources can utilize their abilities and perform to their potential. As a result of these efforts, Itochu Enex has been certifies by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) as one of the Health and Productivity Management Organization 500 every year since 2017. In addition, initiatives such as encouraging employees to leave the office on time and to engage in sports activities by partially subsidizing expenses associated with internal company sports activities have earned Itochu Enex certification from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government as a Sports Promotion Company, and from the Japan Sports Agency as a Sports Yell Company, also since 2017.We were also awarded 3 stars by Nikkei Smart Work Management 2021, awarded 3 stars in the 2nd Nikkei SDGs Management Survey and have continued to acquire Kurumin certification from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

Programs for Emergencies

・Sympathy money to be paid in the event of death or impairment
・Scholarship program for children
(When an employee has died or left the company due to a severe impairment, a scholarship is granted to the employee's children until they finish university education.)
・Provision of travel expenses for attending funerals