Responsibilities to Customers

Customer Responsibility Policy

With a focus on energy, the ITOCHU ENEX Group engages in many different corporate activities in different regions. By putting the following into practice, we will seek for safety management and security to ensure, at any time, the safety of products and services supplied to customers, thereby fulfilling our responsibility for customers.

1. Controlling the qualitative safety of our products and recognizing the importance of security
2. Observance of obligations specified in the laws relating to the safety of the products we handle
3. Promoting initiatives to ubiquitize safety control and security in the value chains
4. Encouraging in-house education regarding safety control and security
5. Establishing a route for the communication of information related to safety control and security
6. Prompt and appropriate actions in the event of an accident

Our View on Responsible Advertising and Marketing

Regarding its advertising and marketing activities, the ITOCHU ENEX Group puts into practice the following and engages in initiatives with sufficient consideration of our responsibilities to society, based on our Corporate Philosophy, “the best partner for life and society,” our Code of Conduct, “Be Ethical (Reliability and sincerity, creativity and ingenuity, transparency and integrity),” and Declaration of the Group Code of Conduct.

1. Advertising
• Creation and improvement of a brand guidebook designed to make our advertisements look visually cohesive, aiming to enhance our brand image and share it with customers
• Creation and improvement of in-house rules for placing ads with the right expressions and content on the right media outlets
• Sufficient consideration of defamation, discriminatory expressions, exaggerated and false expressions, religious faiths and political credos, the environment and the privacy, personal information and intellectual property rights of third parties
• Educational activities for the ITOCHU ENEX Group companies to encourage appropriate advertising

2. Marketing
• Compliance with related laws and in-house regulations and rules
• Thoroughly ensuring that our marketing activities do not infringe on others’ rights, discredit or defame others, etc. and that the content and expressions used in our marketing will not be misunderstood
• Responsible marketing activities emphasizing dialogue with diverse stakeholders