Safety Initiatives

At the Itochu Enex Group, we deal in many energy-related products that are closely connected to our customers' lives. We strive to ensure safety of customers and local environments by taking thorough measures covering from daily facility management to education and security coaching.

Basic Approach to Security

To stably supply energy to customers and enable them use to energy securely and safely, we are working to prevent accidents under the slogan, "we cannot conduct business without security – security takes precedence over all business conduct."

Safety Management Regime

Each division and group company selects a security manager. The security managers establishes basic approaches to security management, compliance with laws and regulations, thorough site management, understanding the security management status, preventing accidents, non-statutory security audits, etc. in a planned manner. Furthermore, each division and group company conducts security audits based on strict non-statutory security standards. They work to prevent accidents and the violation of laws by connecting facility management and security systems.

Security and Safety Education

Delivery of Security Information

The Home-Life Division, which handles LP gas, etc., delivers security information to dealers when needed via a division magazine and D-NEXT, a LINE information delivery service.
The Car-Life Division, which handles gasoline and light oil, etc., distributes the Guidelines for Car-Life Station Operation to each CS in order to ensure the safety of petroleum products and CS facilities. Via the Guidelines, they provide thorough security guidance including on the main operations of hazardous materials security superintendents, the regular inspection of facilities and equipment, fire and accident prevention training, and the proper treatment of industrial waste.

National Logistics Convention

To provide training throughout the supply chain, we host the National Logistics Convention every year. We invite our logistics partners and transport companies and provided lectures by specialists and training suited to the times, looking ahead to the future of the industry. The convention is also meaningful as a place for information exchange among transport companies. Through this activity, we are working to enhance the logistics security system.

Assistance for Obtaining Qualifications

The Group provides in-house study meetings and e-learning programs. The Home-Life Division also provides a variety of training content internally for workers and for dealers using D-NEXT Challenge. In addition, at the first lecture for cultivating LPG Installation Engineers certified by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry held at Itochu Enex Technical Training Center, we established the first on-demand learning program in Japan to respond to the increasing diversity of learning environments.

Safety Meeting (held every month)

The Industrial Business Division, which has asphalt bases, holds safety meetings every month with security personnel and people involved in bases and transportation to inspect tanks and piping equipment and check that the rules for transportation, loading, unloading, etc. are observed aiming to ensure safety.

Stable Supply and Security

LPWA(Low Power Wide Area)

The Group is working to increase the sophistication of security utilizing the LPWA LP gas centralized monitoring system. LPWA is a collective name for communication technologies featuring the ability to perform low-power wide-area wireless communications. Installing an LPWA device in a user's house enables 24-hour centralized monitoring, which enables automatic monitor reading, prevents accidents caused by people forgetting to extinguish fires, and predicts the timing for replacing gas containers in real time. Since FY2021, the Group's LPWA installation rate has exceeded 70%. ITOCHU ENEX HOME-LIFE HOKKAIDO CO., LTD., ITOCHU ENEX HOME-LIFE TOHOKU CO.,LTD., ITOCHU ENEX HOME-LIFE NISHI-NIHON CO., LTD., and ITOCHU ENEX HOME-LIFE SHIKOKU CO., LTD. are certified as class 1 certified LP gas seller (gold security certified operators), which is the highest level in the certified LP gas seller system.

Establishment of Stable Supply Systems for Emergency and Disaster Preparedness

The Itochu Enex Group possesses 13 core filling stations and has established a system for stably supplying LP gas to surrounding areas even in a large-scale disaster. It is working to improve disaster responsiveness and establish a disaster preparedness system by participating in logistics cooperation and operation training that assumes the occurrence of a disaster in cooperation with regional dealers, partner companies, etc.

Utilization of Tablet Devices

We have introduced tablet tools for inspections at LP gas facilities and gas stations. By using this system, we prevent people from forgetting inspections, provide appropriate expiration management for supplied device replacement, and prevent the expiration of devices due to management error. In addition, because it enables the real-time sharing of inspection results, we can respond to problems swiftly when they occur.

Maintain Quality

Prevention of Contamination

To prevent contamination at gas stations, we have introduced lorries equipped with high-tech operation units. The introduction of this system has reduced human error and achieved safer unloading.

Residual Oil Treatment

To prevent inappropriate quality due to mixed residual oil, we always remove residual oil from lorry pipes in the presence of an observer.

Quality Management (ISO9001)

ITOCHU INDUSTRIAL GAS Co., Ltd., another company of the ITOCHU ENEX Group, acquired ISO 9001 (quality management system) international standard certification in 2000 concerning its work incidental to the manufacturing and sale of high-pressure gas, the reinspection of high-pressure gas containers and their accessories, the import and inspection of high-pressure gas containers and miscellaneous procedures involving high-pressure gas containers. Our group company, ITOCHU INDUSTRIAL GAS Co., Ltd. has obtained ISO 9001 certification. ISO 9001 is an international standard whose goal is the improvement of the quality of products and services. It has also obtained the VDA(2021) trademark certification together with the manufacturing of AdBlue® aqueous urea and U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT,2022) certification of gas containers for aircraft, and is working to maintain and improve quality management in each business.

Environmental Management (ISO14001)

We have been continuously ISO 14001 certified since 2000. Under the group-wide and cross-sectional environmental management system, we have functionally established environmental management systems and are performing practical business activities to reduce environmental impact through an appropriate PDCA cycle. In FY2023, five divisions of Itochu Enex, 12 group companies, and 170 sites including branches, sections, and offices are performing these activities.

Efforts to Achieve Zero Accidents

The Group is working on the improvement of health and safety in the workplace at all offices to prevent accidents. In FY2022 and FY2023, there was no material incidents.

Promotion of Safe Driving

We strive to prevent vehicle accidents by appointing a safe driving manager based on our Vehicle Management Rules, aiming to promote vehicle management and safe driving, ensure the safety of our employees, and improve their awareness of safe driving. In addition, since FY2022, we have introduced safe driving lectures and practical training as a system for preventing accidents involving commercial vehicles and for people who have a driver's license but never drive when they are assigned to a division where commercial vehicles are used.